The Age of Awakening

Adv. 26: The Brazen Bazaar Cometh

  • In Ashcroft with Galindor, Caillus' plans (contingency, "Night of Dread", several months to finish)
  • Portal to Artegia, black smoke on the horizon
  • Portal to Elemental Chaos, talk to Zimon, Brazen Bazaar
  • Back to Artegia, walk to Portalis, Brazen Bazaar in town
  • Shopping – books, potions, examining the main tent
  • Talking to Ashagamand, Kai'mera notice
  • Followed in the forest
  • Carric, attack the Kai'mera in the forest
  • Taking the Lorthenx, approaching Kai'mera
  • Lel surrenders himself, Teadora rides the Lorthenx, Oryn saves Lel, and Pelor is a dick



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