The Age of Awakening

Adv. 27: Out of Time

Also Adventure 37 of Dave's Campaign.

  • Glandrin, Bael, Gurias, Light, Zigfried, Raiden, and Shen enter Istarya's Traveling Machine and find themselves exiting in a bizarre and overgrown region of Alexandren, now known as Lesandria.  
  • They discover a dwarf warden named Fargrim dealing with a small infestation of Kruthiks nearby, but are interrupted when the traveling machine opens a rift between worlds and several aboleths attack from the far realm as the ground beneath them tears open
  • After dealing with the aboleths and some nothics that crawled up through the cracks, the group is invited to Castle Artegia by Fargrim where they meet an older version of Istarya, who begins to repair the traveling machine and asks the group to never try and free him or else all of time will be violently destroyed
  • The group learns that they are in the year 874, nearly 350 years after their own time, and that the Empire is no longer around and many things in the world have changed. They also meet a githyanki named Lel and there is much exchanging of information about the changes that have occured
  • After a short rest, the ground begins to shake and the party investigates to find the portal beneath the town of Portalis, where Istarya is imprisoned in their time, is fluctuating and causing massive earthquakes
  • Through the portal the group is shocked to see the animated body of Norhik emerge from the portal, raving madly and blaming the party for his death
  • Norhik summons a Beholder through the portal as well, and attempts to destroy the portal and let the Far Realm flood into the world of the future
  • After defeating the Beholder and Nohrik's animated body, the group replaces the arcane barriers on the portal and then returns to find Istarya's Traveling Machine in working order again and attempt to return to their own time



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