The Age of Awakening

Adv. 28: Fear and Loathing in the Feywild

Istarya, Oryn, Teadora, and Lel wake up in a grove in the Feywild with no memory of how they arrived there. As they begin to explore the odd forested realm of the Feywild, they fight off an owlbear, several quicklings, and a banshrae. They avoid an encounter with some ogres, and slowly recover their memories.

They were all in Castle Artegia when a soldier from the League of Sarta approached, and explained that he was with a detachment of Sarta troops accompanying a large group of Kai'mera that were heading north of Lesandria in search of some ancient relic. Teadora used a ritual to see the important moments of the life of the Lorthenx that she captured, and saw visions of a large breeding building in which they are raised, and of it arriving on the coastline of Einland clearly months before the major Kai'mera invasion occured.

Teadora let her Lorthenx pet loose as it called out to the answering call of a much larger creature in the distance. She arrived south of Portalis and saw the group of Kai'mera and Sartean soldiers had a larger, brood-mother Lorthenx that was calling out to the younger reptile. Begrudgingly, Teadora let the Lorthenx go free to return to the Kai'mera.

The party decided to beat the soldiers to the relic, teleporting to an old portal in The Twilight Marshes amid a ruined and flooded estate near a crumbling statue of a giant lion. Following the strange ley lines in the marshes, the party entered the Feywild, approached the lake within, and immediately passed out losing all of their memories.

Back in the present, the party used magic to fly over the lake of forgetfulness and discovered a large plinth with a statue of an eladrin wizard upon it, and shortly afterwards a very strange looking, square stone tower. Entering from the roof, Istarya found a strange arcane cube that was the source of the jade energy and was corrupting the ley lines that led the party to this area. Continuing downstairs the tower was clearly set up as a wizard's workshop, and on the bottom level they discovered four statues atop stone bases – one labelled Istarkoi with a familiar female Eladrin, one labelled Istarya with a statue of him, one labelled Istarmani with a burnt statue covered in live spiders, and a fourth statue broken off at the kness labelled Istar'iire. 

Exiting through the base level of the tower, the party fought off a moss covered black dragon and exited the Feywild.

4675xp – Lel, Teadora, Istarya
3950xp – McGwyver
3675xp – Oryn



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