The Age of Awakening

Adv. 30 - The Well of the Goat

Lel, Teadora, and Fargrim explore and purify the long lost Well of the Goat beneath Thunderspire Mountain.

The party searches Malagarr's quarters in Horned Hold and discover a pouch of Dust of Apperance as well as 900 gp each. Here they find hints that Malagarr had dealings in the Well of the Goat and the Chamber of Ebbek nearby, as well as down into the depths in a city called Erelhei-cinlu.

Investigating rumors that strangely altered Goblins were being trafficed through Thunderspire Labyrinth and used to attacked caravans to and from Horned Hold, Asteron employs the party to go and investigate either the Well of the Goat or the Chamber of Ebbek. The party heads to the Well of the Goat and discovers a once pure chamber dedicated to an unknown deity, depicted as a goat upon a large mountain, that has been corrupted by demonic forces. 

Cleansing the well of the demonic influence, the party discovers a group of Drow cultists formed around a breach into the Abyss itself, where they are extracting elementally infused goblins called Norkers. Just as the party attacks, a group of Lolth loyal Drow assassins burst into the room and take out most of the cultists, while Fargrim and Lel decapitate the leader of the cult named Nalva Dhauvel. The leader of the loyal Drow happily informs them that her head has a lofty price on it of 25,000gp, and if they return it to the preistesses in Erelhei-cinlu they can collect the money. 

3,000gp from Asteron
5,100xp each



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