The Age of Awakening

Adv. 31 - The Mines of Bolmarhz

Teadora, Lel, Fargrim, Fist, Oryn, and Istarya search for the rare metal Orium in an abandoned Duergar mine, still deep within the tunnels of Thunderspire Labyrinth.

Within the abandoned mines of Bolmarhz, the party discovered undead Duergar and animate Gargoyles. They also discovered what appeared to once be a prosperous Orium mining operation, however nothing but some remnant Orium dust remained.

Deeper in the mines they discovered a sick Orium dragon, named Thurkrixxus, who was threatening but became friendly with the party and was humored to be offered a place to stay beneath Castle Artegia. The dragon gave the party a number of jars full of his acid serpent breath, so that they might be able to use it in order to locate Orium when they are in decent proximity to the rare metal. Oryn recognized Thurkrixxus as the same dragon that had been feeding on Orium poisoned bodies in the town of Ashcroft, bodies that were poisoned because of Caillus' cultists improperly smelting Orium near the town's water supply.

He also allowed them open access to his hoarde, as he flew out of the mines to an unkown destination to become re-accustomed to a non-Orium diet.

Rewards: 5,858xp



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