The Age of Awakening

Adv. 32 - Erelhei-cinlu, the Undercity

  • Lel's spellscar has gotten much worse, nearly tearing his body apart, Teadora stabilizes him but he must stay in Horned Hold under Oryn's care
  • Istarya, Fist, Fargrim, and Teadora journey with Asteron and five of his minotaur elite guards deeper into the underdark beneath Thunderspire Labyrinth
  • The party encounters a roper, grimlocks, and a hook horror
  • They reach the Vault of the Drow and are allowed inside Erelhei-cinlu as visitors with Asteron
  • They get rooms at the Inn and visit the tavern, where Istarya talks up the patrons and a strange medusa learning many of the "secrets" and inner-workings of the city's politics, Teadora tries the local brew of Spyder Geuse, gets sick, is hit on by a drow adventurer, and then makes friends with a drunken bugbear
  • The party defends against an attack on Teadora and the bugbear from two drow spies that did not like the tone and direction of their conversation relating to the drow preistesses
  • The party returns to their room at the Inn for the night, but are interrupted by a knock on the door. Adimys is a drow paladin with House Zhiq'nah and asks the party to rescue a female prisoner from the Fane of Lolth, promising them access to drow spies within the Cult of Elemental Evil
Rewards: 6,000xp – Teadora, Istarya, Fist, and Fargrim



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