The Age of Awakening

Adv. 33 - Erelhei-cinlu, the Undercity - Part 2

  • Istarya, Fist, Fargrim, and Teadora are introduced to Belgor the Magnificent, a drow sorcerer circus performer that can help them get into the drow manor houses
  • Istarya uses the Magic Map ritual to determine that Chali is being held in the manor house of House Aleval, home of Lady Ana'Shrinarrean
  • They go to the Fane of Lolth and meet high preistess Myrulnay, who offers them 50,000 gp and access to spies in the cultist groups to remove Lady Thandysha from the head of House Xaniqos, she gives them 15,000 gp up front
  • The party visits Lady Ana'Shrinarrean and goes to "question" the prisoner Chali, they free her from her cell but are shocked when the drow paladins kill another drow girl and toss her through the portal into Chali's cell
  • The party is about to leave when they hear that supposedly Lady Thandysha has kidnapped Asteron and his minotaurs, they are lead to her manor house by a group of House Zhiq'nah paladins and are attacked by mysterious drow archers on the way
  • At the Xaniqos manor house, the party sneaks in and finds Asteron talking peacefully with Lady Thandysha, they break in only to discover that Thandysha wants to fight them and partially turns herself into a drider, after a quick fight Asteron beckons the party to stay and decapitates Thandysha
  • a few confused minutes later Chali, the prisoner, now dressed in fine clothing walks through the door talking in much the same way Lady Thandysha did, and thanks the party for accomplishing their goal and allowing Lady Thandysha to now be "dead", though unknown to all other drow houses she now lives on in Chali's body
  • Belgos the Magnificent is given leave of the city and the house sets up for an elaborate faking of his death so that he may live his life as he chooses
  • Istarya disguises himself as a drow and returns to the Fane with Belgos, where they collect another 60,000 gp and are given more information about spies amongst the cultists
  • The party is asked if they find a drow in the cult named Haelirin with scars on his face to not kill him, but to return him to the city safely somehow
Rewards: 6,500xp – Istarya, Fist, Teadora, Fargrim, and Belgos



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