The Age of Awakening

Adv. 37 - This is... SARTA!

Istarya, Fist, Lel, and Teadora travel to the League of Sarta to stop the impending summoning of the second Astral Dreadnaught.

  • After returning from the ancient past in the traveling machine, Teadora found out that Captain Oliver Simmastri had come from the League of Sarta to summon her there – her home nation was under attack by mysterious cultists – but it was clear that Ithacarus was in grave danger from the same ritual as well
  • McGwyver and 3 Jails arrived with the repaired airship from Tarturia, and so the party sent 3 Jails with Carric and his Rusva’elen companions to scout out Ithacarus and find out what was going on there
  • McGwyver set about smelting of the Orium and infused one item for each party member – Lel’s Githyanki Silver Sword taken from a now non-existant githyanki, Istarya’s Wand of Icy Rays he collected from chillborn zombies, Teadora’s Holy Radiance Armor decended from the Invulernable Coat of Arnd, Fists …fists of stone created centuries ago and hardened with age
  • The others reluctantly gathered in Istarya’s Traveling Machine to head to Sarta, but appeared miles above the Bay of Andonental plummeting towards the water, then appeared on the ground south of Sarta, then within the region of Eradrius in Sarta and discovered that the population of Kai’mera and Sarteans were actually getting along very well, and even some Kai’mera were assimilating and had begun worship of some of the divine gods and goddesses
  • Finally the party teleported into Pelos and entered the Castle Tam, with a statue of Reschard Tam “Slayer of Giants” in front of it, and met with Emporer Evander Rittam, who had a council with a Grand General of the Kai’mera – Kal’Kelaesar Tesai and with Inquisitor Brizbane from the Cerillian Order (which is based in Sarta)
  • The party was skeptical but learned a great deal about the Kai’mera from Tesai, including that Serathis was another Grand General and that they had all been led to Einland seemingly against the Kai’mera leadership’s orders by an Adjudicator, Eidolarys Shodai – but that social intricacies of their people this did not mean that they could disobey orders or betray their own kind, but was the main reason for Tesai being peaceful and amicable with the League of Sarta
  • The party discovered that the Cult of the Elder Elemental Eye had just started attacking the main etherium protecting the three main capitals of Sarta (Humatilia, Pelos, and Eradrius) – taking 9 detachments of Kai’mera and many more of Sartean troops the party set out to defend the etherium, leaving the Humatilia beacon on its own due to rumors of an avatar of Bahamut manifesting to help defend it
  • The party first went to defend the Eradrius beacon and discovered numerous fire cultists, genasi, elementals, and fire giants chanting to a being named Imix and lead by a fiery orb of magma towards to beacon that protects the main Etherium. During the fight McGwyver was overtaken by the essence of Erathis and gifted with syllables of creation relating to the body, which allowed him to increase Fist’s size to huge and lead him in a fight against a Fire Titan, at the end of which the orb of magma rocketed towards the center Etherium of Sarta in its dying effort
  • Next the party journeyed to the Humatilia beacon upon hearing the avatar had failed, and discovered a Platinum armored and winged Gwrtheyrn being subdued by another floating magma orb of fire, but was freed by a Sequester spell from Istarya who was then blessed with Platinum armor and wings by Gwyrtheyrn, who considered Istarya’s debt to him for being freed in Portalis to finally be paid off, upon defeating the cultists, genasi, and magma orb here the second orb hurtled towards the center Etherium as well
  • The party followed the orb and discovered three orbs had attacked, one to each beacon, and had all launched themselves at the etherium and were now forming one, humongous magma orb that begin lowering magma and an elder eye stone relic towards the Etherium. With the help of Gwrtheyrn, Lel teleporting like a madman, Istarya throwing spells, Fist punching things, and Teadora channeling the pure light of Pelor through her Orium infused armor and her Sun Disk holy symbol, the party destroyed the eye stone and blasted the magma orb to pieces, but not before the red tear in the sky had begun to let through several adamantine chains and the face of an astral dreadnaught, which was cut off by the closing portal and spilled green & red blood and guts all over the area and the heroes
  • Sarta was saved, and the Emporer happily and handsomely rewarded the party, adding in a note that he knew Teadora could save them because she had saved his life when he was just a boy from the Lizardman invasions in the south when she was still a Paladin in the army of Sarta
  • 3 Jails and Carric returned on the airship and expressed confusion, claiming the party had to see things for themselves – arriving at New Ithaca, the capital of Ithacarus, the party discovered a familiar scene of destruction with several fallen adamantine chains, but also they saw the gargantuan body of a dead astral dreadnaught, its jaw hanging open and broken, with blood spilled across the ground all around it. From the gaping mouth a set of humanoid sized, mysterious footprints could be seen in the blood and guts, which then trailed away from the creature’s mouth and body, leaving a track of bloody footprints that suddenly stopped several paces out away. Something had escaped from the Astral Dreadnaught, someONE had escaped.
  • As the party returned to the airship, Cyrra stepped out from the unpowered traveling machine carrying a jade knife in her hand, stabbed the githzerai Director 3 Jails in the back (killing him), and then threw the piece of Elemental Etherium the party had retrieved from the diplomatic room in Portalis which created a portal into the Elemental Chaos, and jumped – vanishing through the portal. A split second later Istarya lunged forward quickly but was not quick enough as the portal closed before he could get through, but he did get a good look where it led – to a tower amidst a sea of raging fire, with the City of Brass far off in the distance.
  • The party returned to Castle Artegia and rested, collecting themselves for the journey ahead. Teadora, studying in the makeshift hospital on the middle levels of the castle, finally made a breakthrough as she managed to completely cleanse a bit of githyanki blood of the spellscar taint.



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