The Age of Awakening

Adv. 38 - The Jade Set and the Tower of Djamela

Teadora, Lel, and Fargrim followed Istarya through the lingering portal and arrived in the Elemental Chaos, eventually floating to the large island of earth in the midst of the Sea of Fire, with a massive Efreet-built obsidian square tower taking up most of it and extending upward several stories. They observed a group of Black Mask orcs, led by a particularly large and ugly Orc in black, spikey armor milling about outside the tower, and several elementals coming and going around the island. They also bumped into Bellman, a planar traveling thief who was sent to spy on the tower and its inhabitants, who joined the party and helped them sneak into the base of the tower.

After entering the tower at a lower level, exploring a furnace, a storage room full of small pieces of Etherium, and a guard post manned by salamanders and archons, the party discovered the top most level with an extended balcony and on it a pair of Kai’mera troops (revealed to be illusions create by the persistent image spell), two githyanki, two vicious looking Babau demons, the Shadar-kai arms dealer Sarshan pacing and looking angry, a seemingly half-Eladrin in high rank Kai’mera armor, a nondescript but attractive human male in strange black clothing, and Cyrra the changeling betrayer – the last three of which were standing around a table with the entire Jade Set laid out upon it – Tray/Plate, Bowl, Cup, Knife, Fork, and Spoon. After some debate and planning, Istarya strolled out and opened conversation, the illusions disappeared, and discovered that the half-Eladrin Kai’mera was attempting a ritual with the Jade Set that was not working. He asked Istarya to help, who was reluctant but got closer and allowed himself to be grabbed by the Kai’mera, who then attempted to attack his arm with a curved dagger claiming that perhaps Istarya would somehow help with the ritual.

Istarya focused a thunder lance spell at the Eladrin, strange man, and Cyrra which was refracted through the jade set and blasted all but the strange man backward. Istarya discovered that the half-Eladrin was actually a black-haired Rakshasa in disguise, and then gathered the Jade Set and fled through the door aided by Lel’s telekinetic leap and the Expeditious Retreat spell. The Rakshasa and strange man attempted to use various psychic spells on Istarya and the party, but didn’t manage to slow them down enough. The babau demons attacked, teleporting Teadora into the room, but Lel saved her and fled as well. Behind a wall of fire conjured by Istarya, with the doors closed and sealed with a Nail of Sealing from Fargrim, Istarya dismissed his Spatial Lock and opened a Quick Portal back to Castle Artegia.

Back in Castle Artegia, the party reunited with their friends who returned from Ithacarus. Teadora ressurected Director 3 Jails, McGwyver and Fargrim forged Orium items for the rest of the party, and Istarya gathered the Jade Set and performed a history revealing ritual on them all. Upon reluctantly touching the Jade Cup, Istarya’s left hand was afflicted with a divine curse that withered it to a blackened and shriveled husk of what it formerly was and caused the Eladrin a great deal of pain.

As the party began to relax and discuss what to do next with the Jade Set, Castle Artegia was rocked by tremors and began to move. Peering outside the party was shocked to discover the entire castle was being sucked through a Planar Breach!



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