The Age of Awakening

Adv. 43 - The Temples of Elemental Evil

  • Epic tier introduction
    • Fargrim as Warden of Akkadia for Tarturia
    • Castle Artegia has become a pilgrimage site for followers of Pelor, a make-shift town is springing up around the castle. Teadora’s reputation as a blessed Saint of Pelor is spreading quickly through Einland.
    • The White Lotus Monastery is now training full groups of rescued Githzerai and a few rebel Githyanki, Zimon mysteriously leaves Lel as the Headmaster of the school
    • Belgos’ actions have not been revealed, though he was seen talking with Lolth herself several times
    • Fist and McGwyver journeyed back to Akkadia, where they discovered the hidden entrance to the long lost soulforge that re-activated along with Fist and the other warforged. Inside, Fist discovered a massive vault packed with inactive warforged and a control station. Fist accessed the control station, and given a choice between giving all of the warforged life and free will or imprinting his own intellect onto all of them and having an army at his control, Fist chose to set the large number of constructs free into the world.
  • Party travels through the City of Brass, where they purchase gear including enchanting their armors with Fire Resistance and potions of fire resistance
  • They travel across the Sea of Fire, and to the Volcano where they find the Fire Temple resting within
  • Belgos disables several metal cranes around the outside of the temple
  • the party enters the upper temple and fights off fire genasi, azers, and a fire drake
  • they descend the stairs into the Fire Temple itself



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