The Age of Awakening

Adv. 45 - The Ice Temple, Part 1

  • Zaaman Rul hooks Teadora and Belgos up with Esteban de Gris (Shade Ninja) and Azazael (Tiefling Seeker)
  • The party enters the Ice Temple using the Elemental Heart of Fire to open a crack in the large ice wall in the Elemental Chaos
  • through the temple entrance, the party discovers a large snowy arcing enclosed valley with frozen Frost Titans, Frost Giants, Ice Devils, and a wizard (Chosen of Cryonax)
  • the party discovers half the valley floors falls away
  • fight with Frost Titan, Ice Devils, and a Chosen of Cryonax
  • investigation of the prison, freeing the Fire Elementals
  • investigation of the war room – war with the Air temple, war with the Fire Temple
  • Pit Fiend, Asgeroth, is imprisoned in ice along with good White Dragon female named Albrathanilar



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