The Age of Awakening

Adv. 46 - The Air Temple, Part 1

  • Riding Albrathanilar and the Airship to the Air Temple
  • Shardstorm Vortexes on the approach
  • bombarding the upper temple
  • descending into the whirlwind
  • Lel: discovery of archon armor
  • Teadora: feast with Yan-SeeBin’s servants, turn undead
    • Air Elementals/Archons
    • Air Cultists/Genasi
    • Strange Astral Mirror Creature
  • Belgos: the fountain and the stranded lich
  • Azazael: the Earthen prisoner
  • exploring the air temple
  • Asking the Air Archon for help
  • discovery of Chan (disguised as the air archon)
  • defeating the lich, Lel performed a ritual to track the Lich’s essence



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