The Age of Awakening

Adventure 11: The Ruins of Fell Keep

Morning in Winterhaven, the party went to the keep of Lord Padraig and questioned him about hobgoblins, dragons, and the safety of the town's etherium. They then investigated the etherium tower, known as Old Valthrun's Tower, and found that everything seemed to be normal in this town with no signs of tampering with the Etherium, followed by an altercation with Rob the soldier in the tower.

The party made sure to inform the captain of the guard, Rond, of what has been happening in Fallheim and Portalis and to be on the lookout. Hearing stories of an old man outside of town who claimed to see a dragon the day before, the party went to his farm and talked with him finding out that he believed he saw a dragon flying to the north of Winterhaven towards the old keep ruins. He asked the party, if they were to go into the ruins, to make a map for him as he used to explore there as a child and would love to relive those days.

The party explored the ruins and found tracks belonging to a large creature leading down an old staircase into the ground. Following the tracks, the party entered the long abandoned and moldy ruins to find rooms filled with bodies of dead hobgoblins. Exploring around, they discovered a group of surviving hobgoblins holed up in a back room. Nox entered and tricked the goblins into marching out into Istarya's fireball and all chaos broke loose. 

The party discovered two prisoners the hobgoblins had captured after suffering heavy loses, a small gnome-like dark creeper creature named Modra and a pale skinned, dark-eyed shadar-kai with a spiked chain. Claiming to own the castle ruins, Modra agreed to lead the party deeper into the ground to find the dragon-rider they were after. After entering a series of a trapped narrow corridors, Modra and the shadar-kai fled out of fear as zombies and a gelatinous cube attacked the party. The cube was bloodied in one round, confused, and slithered off in the wrong direction while the zombies beat up on the party. Gwrtheyrn made chase of the cube and ended up running right into it, causing Lel to teleport the cube onto himself and a chillborn zombie. Yum yums! 

Exploring deeper into the ruins, the party discovered a long abandoned temple dedicated to the Platinum Dargon, Bahamut, and rested safe from the undead for the night.

657xp – Carric, Lel, Gwrtheyrn, Teodora, Istarya, Nox, and McGwyver
415xp – Teodora




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