The Age of Awakening

Adventure 12: The Ruins of Fell Keep, Part 2

Taking a short rest beneath the glowing platinum dragon fresco above, you all feel protected and strengthened by the god's spiritual presence. Down the hall, passed the rows of aged and crumbling sarcophagi, low groans rumble with a cool chill. The vines and cave flowers that have overgrown the ruins over hundreds of years is turning a putrid brown and rotting everywhere except in the old tomb in which you rest. For long years Fell Keep rested a deep slumber, but now something has ruptured in its depths and the long lost denizens of this old human bastion are stirring once more.

The old, carved altars to Bahamut frame a set of double doors at the end of the tome, above which a stone inscription written in an abandoned form of common reads, "Here Lies Sir Keegan, _ _", the last two words have been broken and are unintelligible.

Recap: The party awoke while resting in the tomb after only three hours and found themselves fully refreshed. They decided to explore the crypt behind the double doors, finding a large stone sarcophagus with a metal crown set into it. After searching the rest of the room, Carric pointed out the crown and once it was touched a deep voice filled the room.

It presented a riddle to the party: A wondrous treasure, Valued by all, sought by many. Found in both victory and defeat, Yet never at the bottom of a treasure chest. It marches before you like a herald, And lives long after you are gone. Of what do I speak?

The Phylactery of Divinity melded out of the sarcophagus, and was claimed by Teodora. Also in the room several old records were found detailing the history of the keep from hundreds of years ago and Sir Keegan as the once protector of the keep driven mad, and of a group of adventurers coming through the keep about 300 years ago, making a promise to Sir Keegan's Ghost, and ridding the keep of its taint. Passed the rune-floored halls, the party journeyed down a set of stairs to the lower level of the ruins. At the bottom they found themselves in a room with an old well at the center, and a dim light shed by large mushrooms growing all around the well.

The fungi were identified as Doomspores which give off a poisonous cloud, and the party set off to avoid them around the room. As Nox and Teodora approached the back of the room, an emaciated hobgoblin body slumped out from a hallway in the back. Shortly afterward the black, shadowy form of a Wraith raised out of the goblin's body, followed closely by three other wraiths one of which whispered madly. After dealing with the Wraiths, the party moved forward and found old living quarters inhabited by shadar-kai and Dark One laborers.

A large room further along revealed what they were working on, the construction of a shadar-kai portal to an unknown location. Talking to some of the workers, the party discovered that Modra had been taken captive by a group of shadar-kai that was hunting him, working for a mysterious and unnamed boss, and was taken further into the depths of the ruins. The workers also revealed that their boss deals in the trafficking of arms, weapons, and mercenaries to various destinations including armies of undead and elementals.

The party decided to follow Modra and come back to deal with the portal at a later time. Proceeding through a room full of traps apparently destroyed by a large reptilian creature much like a dragon, the party came to the upper portion of an ancient temple dedicated to Orcus complete with altars and chains down to a lower temple. Around the opening to below the party spotted a pile of dead bodies, some shadar-kai and dark ones and two black hounds wreathed in shadow. On one of the shadar-kai bodies a note was found, "''Modra thinks we did not notice the visitor coming from the old Temple, he attempts to secure his own profits, deal with him as necessary.''"

The bodies appeared to be burned and gnawed upon. Blood from the bodies was dripping down to the floor below, where a humanoid form could be seen lumbering through the dim light from above. The party climbed down the chains to and into a shallow pool of blood in the unlit room, finding a large statue of Orcus, a dark portal with the Sword of Julunggul floating in the center of its surface, and a skeleton slumped against an altar.

The skeleton rose to its feet, speaking in an old form of common, and threatened the party to leave before removing the skull from its neck which then burst into dark purple flames and floated into the air cackling. The party found themselves surrounded by ghouls, a Wight, the skeleton with pieces of metal and bone protruding from its body, and the flaming shadow skull in the air above. While Gwrtheyrn and Lel were being tackled and chewed on by ghouls, Istarya cleverly grabbed hold of the Sword of Julunggul and stepped through the feywild, removing the sword from the portal which caused its surface to solidify into obsidian. Using the sword's lightning powers, the party managed to eliminate the undead.

Teodora took to destroying the altars and tributes to Orcus, hoping to cleanse the place of evil. Istarya and Lel arranged for Nox to scare off the Shadar-kai workers while Istarya sabotaged the portal under construction, disguising it in the hope that they would not notice. After casting a Magic Circle vs. Shadow Creatures and Arcane Lock to protect the portal room, the party except for Nox replaced the sword and entered the dark portal into the Shadowfell.

937xp – Gwrtheyrn, Istarya, Lel, Teodora, and Nox
737xp – Carric * 100xp Quest – McGwyver
Phylactery of Divinity – Teodora
Bracers of Mental Might – Teodora



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