The Age of Awakening

Adventure 14.1: Finding Rex Trawkus

Back in Portalis, Gwrtheyrn was surprised to find his superior in the Cerillian Order, Inquisitor Brizbane, who requested that he get a group together to find Rex Trawkus who had gone missing in search of the mysterious symbol he found several weeks before.

Oryn, a shifter druid from the nearby mountains, joined with McGwyver, Nox, and the halfling rogue Ravic as they journeyed to the ruins beneath Castle Artegia to find Rex. Searching through the ruins they discovered a group of gnolls had come through, seemingly following Rex from Fallheim, and attempted to re-install a blue crystal in the pylon on the cliffs outside the castle. 

Inside the ruins they found more gnolls, with a trapped Rex, being attacked by a group of goblins and a troll who had come through like the goblins and trolls before. One of the gnolls utilized a blood red staff, stabbing it into the stone floor which created a summoning circle that poured forth demon after demon. McGwyver disabled the staff as the troll and gnolls fought, and the party killed the injured troll afterwards and rescued Rex. 

Rex had discovered that the strange swirling symbol was used in several places around where the elder eye stone was found.

1,035xp – Ravic, Oryn, McGwyver, Nox




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