The Age of Awakening

Adventure 14.2 - Goblin Problems

After rescuing Rex from the ruins beneath Artegia, Oryn and McGwyver met up with Teadora at the tavern where they met a Tarturian Warden that arrived with the diplomats named Fargrim. A paladin of Kord named Gandorph also joined them as Maxentius informed the party that one of the town's safeguards, the Staff of Paelias, was stolen from the tower in the center of town. He suspected the Bile Spider Goblins around town were responsible so he asked them to investigate north of town where merchants were being attacked. The party met up with a merchant named Bertrand and agreed to protect him on his trip north to Lesandria.

Shortly outside of town a tree is blocking the path, followed by another tree falling behind the cart trapping the merchant and party in. Bursting forth from the trees were a group of oddly scared and stitched goblins and a giant mutated rage drake attempting to loot the wagon and kill anyone in their way. As the goblins were cut down, another goblin appeared at the top of the hill and released some kind of powder into the air which caused all of the goblins, dead or alive, to burst in an explosion of poison and acid. 

The party caught up with a goblin, named Zur, in the forest and intimidated him into telling them where their hideout was located. He informed them of a hidden back door that would lead them in unnoticed, so the party decided to trust him. Sneaking in through a series of caves, the party discovered that Zur had not lied as they were on top of the head of the goblin tribe, Ziguarz and his mutated goblin zombie hulk. After fighting off a slew of exploding goblins and the hulk, the party killed Ziguarz who ranted insanely that he would return one day, and retrieved the Staff of Paelias. 

1,133xp – Fargrim, Oryn, Gandorph, McGwyver, and Teodora

Symbol of Life +2 (Teadora)
Elven Cloak (Ravic)



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