The Age of Awakening

Adventure 14.3 - The Broken Tower

 In an effort to finish off the Bile Spider Goblin tribe, Oryn and Fargrim set out to clear an old abandoned tower that it was rumored the remainder of the tribe had fled to after their leader was defeated. 

Entering the bottom level of the old tower, the pair found a group of goblins meeting with an orc with a tattoo of a mask covering his face. After defeating them all, Fargrim and Oryn discovered a letter in the orc's posession attempting to set up an agreement between the goblins and the Black Mask orc tribe to the north-east. 

The pair also defeated a group of skeletons and a goblin hexer on the middle level of the tower, and found a goblin underboss with a bugbear and a pair of wolves on the top level. As they defeated the underboss they pushed him off a ledge, falling to the bottom of the tower, the goblin boss opened a small flask and drank the boiling contents. Transforming into a gruesome half-goblin half-demon being, he flew back up to the top of the tower and spewed corrosive vomit over the two adventurers. However, his body seemed unstable with the mutation and after a few good attacks he exploded into a massive gory mess.

1,175xp – Oryn and Fargrim

Autumn Harvest Totem +2
2x Gems (100gp each)
2x Emerald Gems (150gp each)



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