The Age of Awakening

Adventure 16: The Full Moon Massacre, Part 2

The party finished the interrogation of the dwarven imposter diplomat, ending with him being executed by Nox. They also questioned some of the diplomats from Sarta, who afterwards requested that the party help him rescue Mercedes Cogwheel from the Tarturian airship. The party refused to get involved.

Investigating the other drop box locations around town that were revealed to them by the imposter, the party is interrupted by one of the Rusva'elen elves saying that they were in trouble at the Temple of Time beneath Portalis. Rushing to their aid, the party found the portal bursting forth around Istarya's wards with black, smokey tentacles thrashing about and creating black oozes. At the center of the chaos was one of the Tiefling bloodhunters, Parnyn, seemingly working with the oozes and tentacles. One tentacle secured itself around the treasure chest that contained the Elemental Eye stone and began dragging it towards the portal. The party quickly discovered that touching one of the black tentacles separated their minds from their bodies and placed them in a mental prison resembling a small, moldy stone room with an eye supported by sinewy stalks in the center and a probing voice of madness. 

After escaping the mental prisons, defeating the Tiefling, and re-sealing the portal the party took the Elemental Eye stone to Paelias. He revealed to the party through some of his salvaged ancient texts that it appeared what they were dealing with was an entity known as the Chained God, whose symbol Rex Trawkus had found on the doppleganger a month before. The Elemental Eyes seem linked to this being in some way. Paelias also urged the party to investigate the etherium tower in town as its defenses had been attacked previously by the goblins and he believed there was a link between the goblins and the cultists and tieflings.

With a full moon hanging midsky, the party entered the etherium tower to find at the top Harlin, the merchant's assistant who drew them a map to a kruthik trap, alive and performing an ancient arcane ritual that seemed to be effecting the town's etherium. At his side were Modra and the two other teifling bloodhunters, and below his raised platform were McGwyver, Mercedes, and several of the diplomats chained to the walls with demons watching over them. More and more demons began to pour out from the center of the tower, beneath the etherium, as Harlin rushed to complete his ritual. The party managed to disrupt the ritual, killing Harlin as the Tieflings fled, and saving McGwyver but at the cost of Mercedes and several of the others being town asunder by ravaging demons.

The etherium that had been protecting Portalis for years was half drained by Harlin's ritual, and shattered to pieces leaving numerous shards of inert and still active etherium.

3,700gp (740gp each)



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