The Age of Awakening

Adventure 17: The Aftermath

Interrogating the injured Modra after the massacre led to few answers, but it did provide the party with a map to his hidden hideout in the city of Lesandria. Seeking more answers, the party rummaged through Harlin's possessions and found many notes referencing activity in Lesandria, Fallheim, and Portalis. He seemed to be apprenticed to a mysterious priest named Caillus who had orchestrated everything that had happened leading up to the draining of etherium in the nearby towns.

Suddenly without the protection of etherium, the western edge of Portalis found itself under seige from a large group of the bile spider goblins led by a goblin boss mounted on a vicious manticore. After a rough fight with the goblins, the party decided to venture towards the city of Lesandria and bought a ride with the Tarturian diplomats on their airship to the supposedly destroyed town of Bulkan. 




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