The Age of Awakening

Adventure 18: Journey to Lesandria

Bulkan appeared to be a town completely reduced to ashes and rubble, led by the Bulkan native Saliveri the party began investigating what happened in the town. Up in the sky they spotted a flying object which decended and crashed into the ground not far away with a loud metallic thud, it was an 0W1-bot messenger machine created by Barnum Bailey with a message for McGwyver. The message requested McGwyver's presence and help in the League of Sarta with problems relating to the region of Akkadia.

Continuing to explore the ruins of Bulkan, the party discovered an uncovered old temple from the time of the Nerath empire, and inside they found a group of insane angels still guarding the ruins and seemingly a missing object. The archangel leading the group of immortal servants subdued Lel and attempted to steal his glove that contained the Elder Eye stone, but was stopped by the party as all of the angels were reduced to dust and armor. Teadora discovered an old backpack, under years of dust, that contained the notes and journals of a Sartean cleric named Caillus and his travels from Ashcroft to Bulkan, along with 100 pieces of old Sartean gold stamped with the likeness of the old emporer.

After emerging from the old temple, the party found the Tarturian diplomats ready to leave the town. They were left to walk the several day journey towards the main city of Lesandria. Oryn quickly noticed the party was being pursued by a seemingly intelligent rat, set a trap, and discovered the rat to be the were-rat Lester Fizzwizzle. Lester offered to help lead the party into Lesandria and show them where Modra's hideout was located.

Staying at a temple in the city, with Lester's hep the party set up a meeting with an Elf mobster in charge of Modra's operations in the Narrows part of the city. Istarya, Cyrra, and Oryn disguised themselves and met with the Elf, while Fargrim and Teadora stayed at a nearby inn and waited. After helping out with some of the warehouse work, Istarya disguised as a one-eyed ruffian and Oryn as his raven pet, the three were led to the back of a tavern where they were to help capture or kill Fargrim and Teadora. A full scale tavern brawl broke out, as more cultists and mobsters outside tossed flaming bombs into the bar and caught the whole building on fire. 

Escaping through the back door, with the help of Teadora causing fear in an ogre, the party fled back to the temple with some ruffian captives that could help them find the way into Modra's hideout.

100gp in Sartean Gold



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