The Age of Awakening

Adventure 19: Modra's Hideout

After interrogating the Half-Elf and Ruffian prisoners at the temple Teadora, Lel, Fargrim, and Oryn discovered that their boss was none other than the now deceased Modra. The prisoners revealed the directions to a secret sewer passage to a hideout of Modra's within the Narrows district of Lesandria. While Istarya had disappeared in search of the mysterious Library the ruffians had mentinoed, and McGwyver had left for Sarta to aid his friend Barnum, the four adventurers journeyed into the sewer.

Oryn wildshaped into a raven and scouted around the stench filled tunnels by Teadora's torchlight, the group discovered a large underground room with a spinning pool of sewer water in the middle. Floating in the water was a naked female half-elf showing some signs of life, and a pair of chitinous Chuuls nearby. Lel jumped to action and used his telekinetic leap to pull the woman to safety for Teadora to heal her, the rest engaged the aberrant Chuuls, but they all soon discovered the woman's skin peeling off and an unwholesome smell coming from her as the Bog Hag sprang to attack with her vicious claws.

The fight escalated as a huge Feymire Crocodile burst out from the water, was scared back underwater by Teadora's Cause Fear spell, and then attacked and swallowed Fargrim whole. While being slowly digested Fargrim managed a heroic strike with his craghammer and caused the crocodile to vomit him up. Further into the sewers the party found a ladder leading to an upper level and a closed store room. Inside the store room they found various supplies, a locked and magically trapped chest, and a stairway to the upper level. Lel could sense numerous Spell-scarred entities on the level above of varying degrees of strength.

Heading up the stairs they discovered a stone and wood frame room with seven tables spread across the floor each with a body on it, and various benches covered in equipment and alchemical lab equipment around the walls. The center table held a strapped down, very badly spell-scarred githyanki looking near to death, while the other tables each held a strange looking human in ragged clothing of a bizarre style and make. The stranger's equipment around the benches appeared to be of unknown origin, with armor and weapons all bearing strange avian themed carvings and symbols – some primal, some arcane, but nothing divine in meaning or origin.

In a pile of the equipment Lel discovered a rolled up piece of fabric that was a similar banner to that of the heralds of Serathis only of a different craftsmanship. The githyanki was revived and identified as Lel's missing mentor Merzim, who had been traded as a slave to Lesandria from the slave pens of Umbraforge. Lel also sensed that while himself and Merzim emanated spell-scar energy as a disease, the strangers seemed to emanate it to a lesser extent almost as if they were born with it. Teadora and Fargrim manged to revive two of the strangers, the first appeared to be a half-elf but shared no mannerisms or abilities of the race and the second appearing to be human, both of which had strange tattoos across their bodies and spoke in an unknown language that only Teadora could understand any of by speaking to them in the astral language Supernal.

Above where Merzim was strapped to the table was a large apparatus connected to a glowing blue crystal that seemed to be infused with most of the githyanki's spell-scar energy. Lel's ooze familiar, Shmee, absorbed some of the energy and gave it back to Merzim. When questioned about where they came from, the stranger mentioned coming across the sea on a ship and being kidnapped by the cultists. The two revived strangers ventured out of the room and to a room full of large, seemingly empty cages. It quickly became apparent that some sort of large creatures were in fact inside the cages as the strangers opened the gates, as one of the creatures exited its shoulder bumped part of the cage causing it to become visible briefly, appearing as a large lizard-like creature with broad shoulders, a scaled frill and tendrils coming from the back of its head, a beak, and very familiar looking claws exactly like the ones found in the merchant's cart and the inn of Fallheim.

The strangers identified the creatures by the name Lorthenx, the same creature depicted in their banner and the banner of Serathis, with the ability to turn invisible and make its rider invisible also. The two strangers mounted the beasts, freed the one remaining beast, and invisibly fled out of the building. The unmounted beast could be heard tearing through the rest of the residence, tearing cultists to pieces and then fleeing into the city as well. The location was a nondescript house in the Narrows district of Lesandria, with back alley and underground connections to many warehouses and hideouts across the district.

In a room upstairs the party discovered Modra's hideout filled with notes and journals, most notably a map indicating a specific location within the ruins of Lesandria that is most likely the Library that is alluded to in many of his notes. In addition Modra's notes reference finding the strangers forming numerous raiding parties attacking towns east of Fallheim.

Gems worth 400gp
Gems worth 1,000gp
Periapt of Recovery +2 



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