The Age of Awakening

Adventure 20: Found in Akkadia

While resting in Castle Artegia Lel, Nox, and Oryn began to feel dizzy and strange, as if their bodies were being pulled away from them. After a few brief moments of disorientation they found themselves in an entirely different place – an old dwarven stone room atop a strange magical circle of runes with blood spilled upon it. It seemed that each of their blood had been spilled on the magic circle, with no signs of anyone nearby.

Exploring the old ruins the trio discovered groups of dead tarturian dwarves and seemingly trapped rooms connected by trapped hallways. After exploring some more they discovered another group of tarturians and fled from them, attempting to lock them out of getting further into the ruins. Fleeing down a long corridor, the group discovered a long forgotten tomb lined with bodies and after disturbing some of the tombs were assaulted by tour terrifying tomb guardian skeletons, each with four arms and four slashing scimitars. 

Fleeing the tomb and its deadly guardians, the trio soon discovered that the other group of tarturians was actually an expedition led by McGwyver, who had in his haste to flee an enemy accidentally spilt blood samples he'd taken from each of the characters onto the magical circle of summoning and caused them to be teleported to this area, ruins deep within the old city known as Akkadia. McGwyver was helping Barnum Bailey as they followed notes in Mercedes' journal to help find a long lost stash of weapons hidden in the ruins of Akkadia.

Venturing deeper into the ruins, the group discovered a large room containing seven eerily lifelike statues and one huge statue in the center. Oryn found an old store room filled with rusted and useless old weapons, and inadvertently activated some sort of power source deep below the ruins. All of the statues, medium and huge, animated as long missing warforged. Five of the warforged quickly exitted the ruins for unknown locations, while two named Axe and Sword remained to talk to the adventurers and help them in calming the huge warforged called Seige. 




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