The Age of Awakening

Adventure 21: The Library of the Lost

Nox and Lel talked to the two remaining warforged, Axe and Sword, and with their help aided McGwyver in activating and guiding the huge warforged called Seige outside of Akkadia. Heading east towards the rumored spot of a discovered piece of etherium, they encountered a contigent of soldiers from Sarta led by Captain Oliver Simmastri. An agreement was reached through subtle intimidation and the Sarteans allowed Seige to remove the etherium with the understanding that it was for a good cause. 

Seige carried the large piece of etherium slowly back to Portalis, where it was installed in the tower replacing the town's shattered piece. The broken etherium was collected and sent to Fallheim for defense along with Seige. 

Oryn, Fargrim, and Teadora joined with them as they all traveled to Lesandria and into the old city ruins where they discovered the recently excavated ruins with "Library of Alexandren" inscribed on the stone entranceway. Inside the party found Istarya slightly distraught and spaced out with a large stone basin on the floor that produced a visage of his long-lost sister, Istarkoi. The library appeared to have suffered a disastrous fire and nearly all of the material was lost. 

The prophet's visage informed the party of a number of things, including hints that there was a fourth wizard of the archfey that even Istarya did not know about. Istarya also revealed that when he found the temple it had seemingly already been discovered and he captured a lone spider scurrying away from the Istarkoi artifact. 

Investigating the next place in the ruins they knew about, the party discovered the hidden tower of Caillus in the ruins with swirling clouds gathering overhead. Climbing straight to the top, the party discovered the deranged cleric arguing with a young white dragon and got the drop on him. Caillus was quickly cut down, even after a grotesque transformation into a demon-like creature, as the white dragon watched and then calmly took its leave. 

There at the top of the tower the party found Caillus' dark ritual components, two more of the elder eye stones that he was seemingly channeling the etherium energy into. Following the strange guidance of the voice in his and Istarya's heads, Lel used his ooze familiar Shmee to dissolve the two stones found there and the third they'd been carrying around from under Castle Artegia. The threat to Portalis and many towns in the region had finally been dealt with.

Upon the destruction of the Artegia elder eye stone a humanoid form appeared, an illithid dressed in nice clothing greeted the party. Lel charged at it only to be stopped by some unseen force, as the stranger introduced himself as Larumenian and informed them that a greater threat was on the horizon. The psion showed them visions of black sailed ships landing all along the eastern coast of Einland as strange invaders disembarked and spread across the land. The Empire of Serathis and League of Sarta seemingly welcoming these invaders as other towns and nations were forcefully occupied. 

The party agreed that laying low would be a wise decision, and Larumenian opened a portal for them to return to Castle Artegia and hide for a time.

2,000gp each to Lel, Nox, and Oryn
800gp – Fargrim



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