The Age of Awakening

Adventure 22: Kaimera in Portalis

Istarya, Oryn, Cyrra, and Fargrim are all summoned back to Castle Artegia by a magical message sent from Lursk, his father was a captive in Portalis and needed help.

Fargrim returns from his home village in Tarturia where he was visiting family and his temple but was vexed by the invading force known as the Kai'mera. Oryn's home town celebrated him as the town champion after defeating Caillus, the man responsible for stealing their etherium, and returned with a new piece of etherium to protect them. Istarya is caught off guard in the Elemental Chaos by Lursk's message while setting up a series of teleporation circles. 

The Kai'mera had captured Maxentius, Piotr, Paelias, Carric, and McGwyver for attempting to drive the invaders out of the town. The party goes into town with no trouble and notices an invisible stone and metal ring floating around the etherium and seemingly drawing power from it. 

Oryn wildshaped into a Raven and scouted around town and found that the Kai'mera base of operations was being run out of the central tower in town. Disguising themselves as Kai'mera and using Fargrim as a fake prisoner, the party gains access to the central tower in Portalis and makes their way up to the top level where they found a new short-range teleportation circle set up to access the stone ring. 

  • The party teleports into the stone ring using the telportation circle, and find themselves in a small Headquarters of the Kai'mera with prisons and guards nearby
  • They fight off the guards around the center of the ring, with the town's etherium clearly visible, energy arcing from it to the stone ring
  • The party freed McGwyver, who is missing an entire half of his torso and an arm due to an explosion, Maxentius, and Piotr but Paelias is no where to be found
  • The party teleports back down to the tower, but are followed quickly by two Kai'mera captains with Paelias enslaved in an arcane collar that seems to grant them control over him and his spellcasting
  • Istarya sequestered Paelias, which gave him enough freedom of thought to remove his own collar so that when he reappears he blasts the two Kai'mera with a fireball. After fighting off the captains, the party headed back to Castle Artegia with Paelias and the other freed prisoners




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