The Age of Awakening

Adventure 23: Academy on the Edge of Chaos

Fargrim, Seador, Lel, & Khan

Paelias gathered a group including Fargrim and the elven druid Seador to investigate why Lel did not respond to Lursk's message. The pair headed into the nearby mountains and found the ancient githzerai monastary in the midst of rennovation and abandoned. Searching further in they discovered a passageway deeper into the mountain where rock became less solid and gravity began to feel strange.

They discovered Lel and a genasi named Khan trapped in giant blocks of ice, and protected by a group of flaming zombies and an undead demon known as an immolith. After defeating the undead monsters and getting Lel and Khan free, they delved deeper and discovered Klar frozen in ice in a large cavern. After freeing him from the ice the entire cavern floor broke apart into a liquid earth whirlpool that dragged all of them down into the Elemental Chaos.

On the other side of the unstable portal, the group found themselves on a floating mote of earth amid the realm of unbound elements and entropy. Nearby a mirror of the githzerai temple sat perched in a large and mostly solid mountain. At the center of the earth mote was a large block of ice containing the githyanki mentor Merzim as well as a githzerai monk they had come to find named Zimon. Upon freeing the two gith an abyssal hydra broke free from the ice and began spitting and biting the adventurers. Each time a head was severed two grew in its place, but eventually the creature was bloodied and the entire earth mote began falling apart. Lel used his indomitable will to create a hole beneath the hydra and it fell into a river of fire below.

All of the gith and the adventurers returned to the temple and with the help of Zimon were able to stabilize the passageway between the temple in the mountains near Portalis and the temple in the Elemental Chaos.




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