The Age of Awakening

Adventure 24: Bringing Out the Dead

Lel, Teadora, McGwyver, Fargrim, Nox

  • The basin which contains the essence of Istarkoi is located in a room in Castle Artegia, where it is safe and the party and Istarya especially can access it easily
  • The group notices a large collection of ravens flocking around the temple in Portalis, they start to sneak into Portalis
  • They discover a group of dead Kai'mera in a clearing, and find that Carric and the other Rusva'elen have been hunting Kai'mera outside of town. Carric shares that they appear to be weaker outside of town, then he leads them to a pipe that can gain them easy access to the caves beneath the town
  • Emerging from the old mill house that they went down through when first adventuring in Portalis, the party sneaks to the temple where Teadora talks to Father Jealin and discovers that he, a devoted worshiper of Erathis, is actually happy with the Kai'mera and does not hate them for invading
  • The group retrieves Mercedes' body and takes her back to Castle Artegia, which causes the massive flock of Ravens to disperse from the temple



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