The Age of Awakening

Adventure 25: The Road to Ashcroft

Istarya, Cyrra, & Teadora

  • Portal to Bulkan and discover the shanty town of survivors from various towns, now surviving without Etherium
  • Survivors are being bullied by a group of Ogres led by a fat merchant named Lucius van Trappen III, who is intimidated and scared away by the party

Istarya, Lel, Teadora, Oryn, & McGwyver

  • Party travels to the Western Kingdoms, to the town of Ashcroft where they find a bizarre funeral procession leading a poisoned body to a stone plinth, the people believe that in the night a mist will come and take the body away
  • Oryn is set up to watch the body, and discovers that night in the mist the shape of an orange tinted dragon swoops down and takes the body away
  • The party investigates the house where Caillus was staying, that seems to be the house of the town priest named Galindor that has been missing for several months, it seems Caillus was born here but only returned months ago and that's when Galindor disappeared
  • People in town stay away from the nearby temple, the party investigates and discovers a Berbalang, a blue devil like creature that can multiply itself and feeds on the dreams and thoughts, it has a strange phylactery that is has been clawing and feeding off of for some time. The party fights the Berbalang and takes the phylactery
  • Outside of Galindor's house the party crawls down the well and finds a passageway to a boarded up basement, where there are remnants of a kiln and evidence of Orium being improperly smelted, which has led to the water source of the town being poisoned – leading to the mysterious deaths of people in town recently, and the reason that an Orium dragon would be feeding on the orium-poisoned bodies.
  • Also beneath the house they discover an ancient burial tomb, in which is the body of the town priest, Galindor, with a large open cavity where hsi chest should be. After some debate, they place the phylactery into his chest and Galindor is revived, he explains that he is a good natured lich necromancer that has been protecting the town of Ashcroft for centuries.

 Rewards: 3,916xp



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