The Age of Awakening

Adventure 7: Alles ist Klar - Part 1

The party settles in to their room at the Silver Moon Inn, and the downtrodden town of Fallheim finally feels as if it has gone quiet, but faint red light still flickers through the windows from fires down the cliffs and across the river. Carric and Rex turn uneasily in their beds, unable to shake the feeling that they are still in danger. Carric, Lel, and Rex all take to a room in the Inn to rest, while the others take a room across the hall.

Only a few hours into the night Carric wakes up to sounds of someone or something on the roof above their room. Looking out the window, the elven ranger spots goblins climbing the side of the Inn attempting to hide (and failing), while Rex attempts to reach the other members of the party. In the hall outside of the room, Rex sees a group of Hobgoblins swing down through the window at the end of the hall, and others coming up the stairs at the other end of the hall. Trapped!

At the same time, Carric and Lel were attacked by a Bugbear Strangler from the roof of the Inn who then swung into the room. The three heroes managed to quickly dispatch all of the hobgoblins, goblins, and the bugbear and after noticing their friends had also had to fight off an attack, found a safe place to rest for the remainder of the night. The following morning, the three awoke to the sounds of fighting outside and quickly noticed that both the nearby bridge to the Western (Hobgoblin) part of town and the barricade to the south were seemingly under attack.

After a discussion of optimal tactics, it was decided that Istarya, Gwrtheyrn, McGwyver, and Teodora were better suited to handle the bridge and so Carric, Lel, and Rex headed south towards the barricade. The barricade to the south, along the cliff separating the lower part of Fallheim infested with Gnolls from the upper portion, had been breached and a handful of Gnolls were attacking townspeople and being fought back slowly by a few guards.

As they approached and began to deal with the monsters, a second group of Gnolls lead by a particularly large and mean looking one burst through the remnants of the barricade and began killing everything in sight. After a vicious battle, Carric, Lel, and Rex emerged victorious with the help of the man they had rescued the day before, who turned out to be the town's resident Wizard named Theodore.

666xp – Carric, Lel, Rex

2 Healing Potions
135 gp
Ruby Gem (worth 100gp)



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