The Age of Awakening

Adventure 7.5: Alles ist Klar - Part 2

After being attacked at the Inn, resting overnight, and then handling the situation at the bridge to the western edge of town, Istarya, Gwrtheyrn, Teodora, and McGwyver are met up with at the bridge by Carric, Lel, and Rex. Teodora and McGwyver head back to the Inn to heal the sick and continue their work there. While still cleaning up the mess at the bridge, another Hobgoblin assault appears at the far end, a unit of soldiers with a macetail behemoth ridden by a Hobgoblin drummer ahead of them.

The ranks of goblins were decimated by a well placed force orb from Istarya's wand, revealing the Bugbear warrior hiding amongst their ranks who then charges forward. The hobgoblins and bugbear were dispatched while Rex and Carric worked on subduing the macetail behemoth and calming it down, Rex rode on its back as it kicked the hobgoblin commander over the bridge and into the Sahuagin waiting below. Wishing to interrogate the Githyanki prisoner, Lel and Istarya meet with Lord Warden Fabin Markelhay and discuss many of the matters involving Fallheim and eventually arrange a meeting with the prisoner named Klar.

They are joined by McGwyver and quickly discover that Klar seems to be suffering from a similar affliction to the one that Lel has, but to a much worse extent, his body and face are covered in large blue glowing cracks and scars. He appears to have been mildly abused Klar informs them that the accounts of his mind controlling townspeople are exaggerated, and that he was wrongfully imprisoned. He hints to them that he has a plan for saving the town, and is convinced by Istarya and Lel that if he helps them they will arrange for him to be let out of prison.

Klar informs them that the Gnolls who live outside of Fallheim are not the same as the ones that are inside of the town now, ravaging and killing everything they can get their paws on, and that the Dark Etherium might be responsible for the change. Istarya and the others visit the Wizard's tower at the southern edge of the safe part of town and talk to Theodore. Istarya mentions that Etherium fell from the sky, which surprises everyone, but Theodore considers him to be out of his mind.

As the party came back to the center square of town, a procession of people had gathered around the north gate as three figures rode in on large, black, and exotic looking horses carrying a white banner with a strange looking beast on it. Their saddles and armor were all jet black, with intricate and ornate detailing in swirling patterns and almost runic inscriptions.

While their leader, an elf with a shaved head and curving tatoos all around his head, looked quite odd the other two appeared relatively normal looking. It was at this point that Carric noticed the beast on the banner had very similar claws to the one he had seen in the merchant Samuel Tindell's wagon back in Portalis.

250xp – Carric, Lel, Rex
525xp – Istarya and Gwrtheyrn
275xp – Teodora and McGwyver

2 Healing Potions
435 gp (87gp each)



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