The Age of Awakening

Adventure 8: The Herald and the Sword

The sun was setting over Fallheim as the Heralds of Serathis arrived through the northern gate. Greeted in the main square by the Lord Warden and a procession of townspeople, the Heralds announced that their lord, Serathis, was on his way to Fallheim with a detachment of two hundred soldiers.

The herald's mission is to make sure the town is relatively secure, and to report back if the town is amenable to joining the Empire of Serathis and accept his protection. After talking to the Lord Warden briefly, the heralds are questioned by the party and then head to the inn to await the Lord Warden's answer. Theodore filled the party in on his plan to remove the Dark Etherium from the lower part of town, he planned to teleport it into a contained area near the wizard's tower, but he needed Istarya to set up the teleportation circle around the Dark Etherium which would take almost an hour to complete.

The party sought as much help as they could get in this task, enlisted the eager heralds to help them out and prove their good will towards the town, as well as negotiating for Klar's release from prison to assist them. The party, plus the three heralds and Klar, headed passed the barricades and towards the ruins of the old tower and cathedral upon which the Etherium used to rest. Fortifying the ruins, the party defended against waves of Gnolls, Hobgoblins, and lastly an Otyugh feasting upon the refuse around the Dark Etherium and a Vine Horror spawned from a captive Hobgoblin.

Eventually the ritual was completed, Istarya along with everyone else and the Dark Etherium were all teleported back to the safe part of Fallheim. Lel teleported an Otyugh onto a bear trap which suddenly became an Otyugh trap. It was freakin' sweet. After the whole ordeal, and free of his prison cell, Klar filled the party in on his plans to get the Hobgoblin forces out of the town, by attacking the Wester Tower and taking out the Kobold chieftan in possession of a magical artifact known as the Sword of Julunggul.

625xp – Carric, Lel, Gwrtheyrn, McGwyver, and Rex
100xp – Istarya (quest) * +1xp – Lel (free pizza for DM)

??? gp



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