The Age of Awakening

Prequel A: Piotr's Gambit

Eight Days after the last Full Moon, something seems amiss in Portalis.


  • People have been going missing in and around Portalis. A hunting party has not returned from their latest excursion.
  • A town to the west has reportedly come under the wrath of a god manifest, and is being attacked.
  • The town along the eastern edge of Lesandria, Fallheim, has supposedly been overrun with monsters.
  • People have been commenting around town that the water tastes weird.
  • Very few messages have been coming in or successfully going out of Portalis, something gruesome is happening to the owl messengers.

Teodora notices Piotr, the head priest in Portalis, talking to a shady looking and scruffy individual. The individual's name is Lester Fizzwizzle, and he is being tracked by a ranger named Rex Trawkus who observes Lester exchanging items with a merchant in town, and occasionally stopping by the temple to talk to Piotr. Carric Rolen is an elven ranger from eastern lands near the bay of Andonen, and frequently stops by the temple to give praise and offerings to Melora. At the temple he has run into Piotr many times, who has vented about his frustrations in dealings with Lester. With rumors of people going missing around town lately, Teodora is frightened when it appears Piotr has gone missing as well.

Carric, Rex, and Teodora are all shocked to recieve a letter from Piotr requesting a meeting at his house to discuss recent events, and after some deliberation they decide to find out what's going on. They arrive at Piotr's house and find him happy to see them, he invites them in and begins to tell them about his troubles with the individual named Lester. Right away, Carric and Rex hear something happening outside the cottage and jump to their feet just before two men dressed in black kick down the door, and both windows are smashed in by men outside with arrows readied in their bows. A skirmish ensues, then Teodora is shocked as a dagger plunges into her from behind and she notices that Piotr is the one wielding it. Carric and Rex take down the two men with clubs that came through the door, dodging arrows fired in through the windows, and then Carric turns his attention to Piotr and Teodora. Rex noticed one archer leave the window and start running, so he leapt through the broken window and pursued the man down the road, once he got a clear shot he loaded his crossbow and loosed a bolt right into the fleeing man's back.

At the same time, Carric was shocked when Piotr jumped onto Teodora and suddenly he was looking at what looked to be two Teodora's dressed and acting exactly the same. Nonetheless, confident that he knew the real devotee of Pelor from the fake, he took aim and shot an arrow right into the forehead of the impostor, who fell to the ground and reverted to a white skinned, black dressed female figure with a scar below her neck. As the ruckus settled they could hear the footsteps of the other archer running quickly away from the house, so Carric and Teodora took flight after him as Rex decided to search the bodies and clean up the area.

The archer lost the pair near the middle of town, but they could assume a reasonable direction in which he was heading and resolved to rest for the night.

PC's: Carric Rolen, Rex Trawkus, and Teodora


  • 91xp each
  • 10gp & 30sp total (3gp & 10 sp each – 1gp bank)



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