The Age of Awakening

Prequel B: Hunting for Hunters

Part 1

Lel, Gwtheryn, Istarya, Fromo Freefinger (& Teodora gets poisoned)

Nine Days after last full moon, Teodora returns to the temple to find Gwtheyrn looking after Istarya, when the Eladrin finally comes to his senses. The three decide to catch up at the tavern, only to notice that Carric and Rex seem suspiciously absent. The group investigates Rex and Gwytheyrn's room and find the door knocked off its hinges and the room ransacked, while Carric's house seems untouched but no one answers the door.

Teodora decides to lead Istarya and Gwytheyrn in the direction out of town which her and Carric tailed the archer to the night before. An hour outside of town, along a path bordered by woods, they came to a clearing with a strange body on the ground riddled with arrows and a squirming halfling gagged and hanging from a tree. The party unties the halfling and heals the still alive body, who introduce themselves as the halfling rogue Fromo Freefinger and githyanki warlord Lel. They explain that they have been hired by the town's mayor to find out what has happened with a hunting party, but were jumped in the clearing by a band of goblins who attacked them and then left them here, seemingly to die. The group talks for a bit longer only to find themselves surrounded by a bunch of menacing looking goblins.

The group fends off the goblins, with one of the little greenies fleeing off into the forest to the west. Early in the combat Teodora was hit by a goblin javelin and soon passed out convulsing on the dirt path. She quickly stopped moving and appeared to be dead, but was tended to by Istarya and found to be alive but very sick and in danger of dying from what appeared to be a vicious poison or disease. The group carried her body back to town, leaving her in the care of the temple and returned to Maxentius who quickly offered up a platoon of guards and a captain to assist in the recovery of anything that might help cure the priestess and hopefully rescue the hunting party. Lel decides that they will wait until morning to head out.


  • 143xp each
  • 20gp & 70sp total

Part 2:

Lel, Gwtheryn, Istarya, Fromo Freefinger, plus Rex Trawkus and Lumpy Lumpkin

The next morning, the platoon of guards meet up with Lel, Istarya, Gwytheyrn, and Fromo and they all head north through the woods to the clearing from the evening before. The guards and captain all seem extremely restless, and very uncomfortable outside of town limits. Lel and the guards manage to find the goblin's tracks and follow them for about an hour west of the path, where they come upon a cave that burrows down into a wooded hillside. Goblin tracks are clearly visible going in and out of the cave, so the group cautiously proceeds to a point where the cave splits to the left and the right. They decide to take the left passage, leaving one guard at the junction to watch their backs. Fromo scouts ahead and finds a large open space lit by a few torches, inside he spots a gathering of tables with various pots, vials, and containers filled with various liquids strewn across them. Behind one table he sees a scrawny looking human in dark clothing (that the party later realizes matches the description of Lester Fizzwizzle), a goblin dressed in ornate robes covered with bones and runes, and two other goblins standing guard with giant axes. Off to the right Fromo could barely make out some cages, but whatever was inside was shadowed from the torchlight.

The group charges in and engages the goblins, Lester quickly vanishes behind the table and is not seen again, while the ornately dressed goblin fills the area with a stinking cloud of putrid gas that chokes the party and provides his allies with cover. Dealing with tough adversaries, eventually the rear-guard comes down into the cave with Rex Trawkus and the gnome fighter Lumpy Lumpkin not far behind. After dispatching the goblins, the party examines the cages to find that they contain fairly large spiders which seem none to happy about being imprisoned, and appear to have been used in experiments to extract various substances from their bodies. The group takes one of the cages with a spider inside and heads back into town. The rear-guard explains that the right passage dead ended in a small cavern which contained Rex, Lumpy, and a few hunters tied up and gagged.

Back in Portalis, the temple assistants are aided by the town alchemist to synthesize an antidote that they hope will cure Teodora. Lel, Istarya, and Fromo return to Maxentius, who is very pleased with their accomplishments and happily rewards them.


  • 83xp each
  • 130gp (10gp per person, split with the guards), Wand of Witchfire +1, and a Potion of Healing
  • 120 gp from Maxentius for rescuing the Hunters



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