Arms Dealing Shadar-Kai pulling strings


The arms dealing leader of Umbraforge, a tower, forge, and shanty town of mercenaries of all races in the Shadowfell. Was away from Umbraforge when the party destroyed it, is believed to have been building up armies of elementals for unknown purposes. Also is known to be working with the Black Mask Orcs, Nox later discovered the orcs were being given elementally infused weapons and armor by Sarshan and Modra in order to invade lands to the north of Lesandria.

Secretly approached McGwyver in Portalis in an attempt to get him to plant the elemental etherium in the diplomatic meeting. Apparently found another means of getting it there. (shhh, it’s a secret!)

Is not very pleased at all with the party about the destruction of Umbraforge.



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