Caillus of Pelos

Cult Leader of the Chained God


Caillus was born in the town of Ashcroft in the Western Kingdoms where he grew up, shortly after coming of age he moved to Pelos in the League of Sarta and trained as a priest. Supposedly while in Pelos he joined the Cerillian Order, but nothing more about that is known at this time.

Several years ago Caillus returned to Ashcroft and lived there for a time but left again when he was offered a spot with an adventuring party going to explore the old ruins in Lesandria. On his journey to the city he stopped in the town of Bulkan where he accidentally discovered the ancient ruins of a temple and within was corrupted by a strange stone eye artifact that had been there for ages. He left with strange new knowledge and supposedly led his party into the ruins after a long lost library. None of the party returned except for Caillus.

Seemingly insane and aimless, Caillus returned to his home of Ashcroft where he "killed" the long-time town priest Galindor and summoned a Berbalang to keep the towns people in line as he set up a cult base in the town. He also seems to have attempted smelting the rare metal Orium beneath Galindor's house. 

Several months ago Caillus re-emerged with a newfound sense of purpose and went into the ruins at Bulkan and removed the Elder Eye Stone, which corrupted its angelic guardians and sent them into a rampage that eventually destroyed the whole town. With two Elder Eye Stones in his posession, Caillus set up a base in an old tower in the ruins of Lesandria and began an elaborate ritual to drain the essences of nearby etherium into the stones. He sent his apprentice, Harlin Morrison, in secret with an unaware merchant first to the town of Fallheim and then to Portalis to dirsupt the town and drain their etherium.

Caillus promised the lycanthropicly cursed Lester Fizzwizzle with a cure if he were to run messages and supplies back and forth between him and Harlin. Caillus was also employing Modra for various aid and in important missions such as the assassination of the merchant Samuel Tindell and rescue/faking the death of Harlin. It is believed that the dopplegangers and cultists seen around Portalis were all agents of Caillus' cult.

Caillus' plans to drain the etherium at Portalis were disrupted and he was confronted by the party and killed in his tower. His personal journal and holy symbol were found in the ruins beneath Bulkan.

Caillus of Pelos

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