Teadora of Pelos

I'm Old!!!


Human Cleric of Pelor, Radiant Servant Paragon Path

Older woman; 5’5” tall, thin but not gaunt. Silvery-grey hair kept neatly up in a sun-like bun.


Hails from Pelos in the League of Sarta. Was formerly a Paladin in the Sartean army, and then trained Paladins, before her strength began to fail and she could no longer wield a sword. She was then called by Pelor to live out her remaining years as a cleric.

She has recently seen a vision of Bane laughing victoriously over Pelor’s lifeless body, and as such has been seeking out any warning signs of such an atrocity.

She decided to refurbish Castle Artegia with her own funds after asking permission from its previous, ghostly owners. Artesia stands now as an unofficial base of the resistance against The Kaimera.

During her earlier years, she was frequently assigned to accompany small, specialized strike teams to achieve specific objectives for the Sartean army. These groups were a mix of both Sartean military and swords-for-hire. It was in such a group that a young Teadora first met Ardos, a Tarturian ne’er-do-well. Though they frequently butted heads in terms of tactics and morals, they had a grudging respect of each’s other’s combat abilities, and as such worked together many times over the years. Though the two share a painfully obvious affection, Teadora long ago made it clear to Ardos that hers was not a life for romance.

Teadora of Pelos

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