The Age of Awakening

Adv. 30 - The Well of the Goat

Lel, Teadora, and Fargrim explore and purify the long lost Well of the Goat beneath Thunderspire Mountain.

The party searches Malagarr's quarters in Horned Hold and discover a pouch of Dust of Apperance as well as 900 gp each. Here they find hints that Malagarr had dealings in the Well of the Goat and the Chamber of Ebbek nearby, as well as down into the depths in a city called Erelhei-cinlu.

Investigating rumors that strangely altered Goblins were being trafficed through Thunderspire Labyrinth and used to attacked caravans to and from Horned Hold, Asteron employs the party to go and investigate either the Well of the Goat or the Chamber of Ebbek. The party heads to the Well of the Goat and discovers a once pure chamber dedicated to an unknown deity, depicted as a goat upon a large mountain, that has been corrupted by demonic forces. 

Cleansing the well of the demonic influence, the party discovers a group of Drow cultists formed around a breach into the Abyss itself, where they are extracting elementally infused goblins called Norkers. Just as the party attacks, a group of Lolth loyal Drow assassins burst into the room and take out most of the cultists, while Fargrim and Lel decapitate the leader of the cult named Nalva Dhauvel. The leader of the loyal Drow happily informs them that her head has a lofty price on it of 25,000gp, and if they return it to the preistesses in Erelhei-cinlu they can collect the money. 

3,000gp from Asteron
5,100xp each

Adv. 29 - Journey Into Thunderspire Labyrinth

Lel, Fargrim, and Fist travel through the seven-pillared hall and to the market at Horned Hold.

Fargrim heads out from Castle Artegia on a joyful walk when he discovers a Yuan-Ti temple, he enters it and discovers one of the Warforged from Akkadia being attacked by the serpant cultists inside. Both of them are saved by Lel who jumps into the temple, they activate a trap and barely flee from the temple with their lives.

Finally deciding to investigate the rumors that there are more Elder Eye Stones beneath Thunderspire Mountain, the party sets off near the Western Kingdoms and journeys under the mountain. Shortly after going underground they discover a labyrinth of tunnels and come upon a large hall with seven pillars that appears to have once been a bustling market and living area, but is now abandoned. There they discover an old Duergar trading outpost that was trashed, but found hints of recent use as a place for storing gems and metal items, as well as rooms filled with writing in Deep Speech on the walls. Several frequently used roads lead through the hall, most notably of dwarven carts from north to south.

Following the tracks south, the party comes to a large undeground chasm with a strangely constructed stone city spanning both sides of the chasm, with three bridges connecting across it. The party enters Horned Hold through the Duergar entrance, offering them some cooked Spider Bits once they pass through. Across the chasm from the Duergar fortress they discover a bustling market place inside of Horned Hold run by minotaurs and overseen by a head minotaur with a racism problem, named Asteron. 

Asteron immediately notices the usefulness of Lel as he is not a Duergar but speaks Deep Speech, and offers them a place to stay in the Hold in return for help with finding out if the Duergar are in fact attacking caravans within the Labyrinth.

Adv. 28: Fear and Loathing in the Feywild

Istarya, Oryn, Teadora, and Lel wake up in a grove in the Feywild with no memory of how they arrived there. As they begin to explore the odd forested realm of the Feywild, they fight off an owlbear, several quicklings, and a banshrae. They avoid an encounter with some ogres, and slowly recover their memories.

They were all in Castle Artegia when a soldier from the League of Sarta approached, and explained that he was with a detachment of Sarta troops accompanying a large group of Kai'mera that were heading north of Lesandria in search of some ancient relic. Teadora used a ritual to see the important moments of the life of the Lorthenx that she captured, and saw visions of a large breeding building in which they are raised, and of it arriving on the coastline of Einland clearly months before the major Kai'mera invasion occured.

Teadora let her Lorthenx pet loose as it called out to the answering call of a much larger creature in the distance. She arrived south of Portalis and saw the group of Kai'mera and Sartean soldiers had a larger, brood-mother Lorthenx that was calling out to the younger reptile. Begrudgingly, Teadora let the Lorthenx go free to return to the Kai'mera.

The party decided to beat the soldiers to the relic, teleporting to an old portal in The Twilight Marshes amid a ruined and flooded estate near a crumbling statue of a giant lion. Following the strange ley lines in the marshes, the party entered the Feywild, approached the lake within, and immediately passed out losing all of their memories.

Back in the present, the party used magic to fly over the lake of forgetfulness and discovered a large plinth with a statue of an eladrin wizard upon it, and shortly afterwards a very strange looking, square stone tower. Entering from the roof, Istarya found a strange arcane cube that was the source of the jade energy and was corrupting the ley lines that led the party to this area. Continuing downstairs the tower was clearly set up as a wizard's workshop, and on the bottom level they discovered four statues atop stone bases – one labelled Istarkoi with a familiar female Eladrin, one labelled Istarya with a statue of him, one labelled Istarmani with a burnt statue covered in live spiders, and a fourth statue broken off at the kness labelled Istar'iire. 

Exiting through the base level of the tower, the party fought off a moss covered black dragon and exited the Feywild.

4675xp – Lel, Teadora, Istarya
3950xp – McGwyver
3675xp – Oryn

Adv. 27: Out of Time

Also Adventure 37 of Dave's Campaign.

  • Glandrin, Bael, Gurias, Light, Zigfried, Raiden, and Shen enter Istarya's Traveling Machine and find themselves exiting in a bizarre and overgrown region of Alexandren, now known as Lesandria.  
  • They discover a dwarf warden named Fargrim dealing with a small infestation of Kruthiks nearby, but are interrupted when the traveling machine opens a rift between worlds and several aboleths attack from the far realm as the ground beneath them tears open
  • After dealing with the aboleths and some nothics that crawled up through the cracks, the group is invited to Castle Artegia by Fargrim where they meet an older version of Istarya, who begins to repair the traveling machine and asks the group to never try and free him or else all of time will be violently destroyed
  • The group learns that they are in the year 874, nearly 350 years after their own time, and that the Empire is no longer around and many things in the world have changed. They also meet a githyanki named Lel and there is much exchanging of information about the changes that have occured
  • After a short rest, the ground begins to shake and the party investigates to find the portal beneath the town of Portalis, where Istarya is imprisoned in their time, is fluctuating and causing massive earthquakes
  • Through the portal the group is shocked to see the animated body of Norhik emerge from the portal, raving madly and blaming the party for his death
  • Norhik summons a Beholder through the portal as well, and attempts to destroy the portal and let the Far Realm flood into the world of the future
  • After defeating the Beholder and Nohrik's animated body, the group replaces the arcane barriers on the portal and then returns to find Istarya's Traveling Machine in working order again and attempt to return to their own time
Adv. 26: The Brazen Bazaar Cometh
  • In Ashcroft with Galindor, Caillus' plans (contingency, "Night of Dread", several months to finish)
  • Portal to Artegia, black smoke on the horizon
  • Portal to Elemental Chaos, talk to Zimon, Brazen Bazaar
  • Back to Artegia, walk to Portalis, Brazen Bazaar in town
  • Shopping – books, potions, examining the main tent
  • Talking to Ashagamand, Kai'mera notice
  • Followed in the forest
  • Carric, attack the Kai'mera in the forest
  • Taking the Lorthenx, approaching Kai'mera
  • Lel surrenders himself, Teadora rides the Lorthenx, Oryn saves Lel, and Pelor is a dick
Adventure 25: The Road to Ashcroft

Istarya, Cyrra, & Teadora

  • Portal to Bulkan and discover the shanty town of survivors from various towns, now surviving without Etherium
  • Survivors are being bullied by a group of Ogres led by a fat merchant named Lucius van Trappen III, who is intimidated and scared away by the party

Istarya, Lel, Teadora, Oryn, & McGwyver

  • Party travels to the Western Kingdoms, to the town of Ashcroft where they find a bizarre funeral procession leading a poisoned body to a stone plinth, the people believe that in the night a mist will come and take the body away
  • Oryn is set up to watch the body, and discovers that night in the mist the shape of an orange tinted dragon swoops down and takes the body away
  • The party investigates the house where Caillus was staying, that seems to be the house of the town priest named Galindor that has been missing for several months, it seems Caillus was born here but only returned months ago and that's when Galindor disappeared
  • People in town stay away from the nearby temple, the party investigates and discovers a Berbalang, a blue devil like creature that can multiply itself and feeds on the dreams and thoughts, it has a strange phylactery that is has been clawing and feeding off of for some time. The party fights the Berbalang and takes the phylactery
  • Outside of Galindor's house the party crawls down the well and finds a passageway to a boarded up basement, where there are remnants of a kiln and evidence of Orium being improperly smelted, which has led to the water source of the town being poisoned – leading to the mysterious deaths of people in town recently, and the reason that an Orium dragon would be feeding on the orium-poisoned bodies.
  • Also beneath the house they discover an ancient burial tomb, in which is the body of the town priest, Galindor, with a large open cavity where hsi chest should be. After some debate, they place the phylactery into his chest and Galindor is revived, he explains that he is a good natured lich necromancer that has been protecting the town of Ashcroft for centuries.

 Rewards: 3,916xp

Adventure 24: Bringing Out the Dead

Lel, Teadora, McGwyver, Fargrim, Nox

  • The basin which contains the essence of Istarkoi is located in a room in Castle Artegia, where it is safe and the party and Istarya especially can access it easily
  • The group notices a large collection of ravens flocking around the temple in Portalis, they start to sneak into Portalis
  • They discover a group of dead Kai'mera in a clearing, and find that Carric and the other Rusva'elen have been hunting Kai'mera outside of town. Carric shares that they appear to be weaker outside of town, then he leads them to a pipe that can gain them easy access to the caves beneath the town
  • Emerging from the old mill house that they went down through when first adventuring in Portalis, the party sneaks to the temple where Teadora talks to Father Jealin and discovers that he, a devoted worshiper of Erathis, is actually happy with the Kai'mera and does not hate them for invading
  • The group retrieves Mercedes' body and takes her back to Castle Artegia, which causes the massive flock of Ravens to disperse from the temple
Adventure 23: Academy on the Edge of Chaos

Fargrim, Seador, Lel, & Khan

Paelias gathered a group including Fargrim and the elven druid Seador to investigate why Lel did not respond to Lursk's message. The pair headed into the nearby mountains and found the ancient githzerai monastary in the midst of rennovation and abandoned. Searching further in they discovered a passageway deeper into the mountain where rock became less solid and gravity began to feel strange.

They discovered Lel and a genasi named Khan trapped in giant blocks of ice, and protected by a group of flaming zombies and an undead demon known as an immolith. After defeating the undead monsters and getting Lel and Khan free, they delved deeper and discovered Klar frozen in ice in a large cavern. After freeing him from the ice the entire cavern floor broke apart into a liquid earth whirlpool that dragged all of them down into the Elemental Chaos.

On the other side of the unstable portal, the group found themselves on a floating mote of earth amid the realm of unbound elements and entropy. Nearby a mirror of the githzerai temple sat perched in a large and mostly solid mountain. At the center of the earth mote was a large block of ice containing the githyanki mentor Merzim as well as a githzerai monk they had come to find named Zimon. Upon freeing the two gith an abyssal hydra broke free from the ice and began spitting and biting the adventurers. Each time a head was severed two grew in its place, but eventually the creature was bloodied and the entire earth mote began falling apart. Lel used his indomitable will to create a hole beneath the hydra and it fell into a river of fire below.

All of the gith and the adventurers returned to the temple and with the help of Zimon were able to stabilize the passageway between the temple in the mountains near Portalis and the temple in the Elemental Chaos.


Adventure 22: Kaimera in Portalis

Istarya, Oryn, Cyrra, and Fargrim are all summoned back to Castle Artegia by a magical message sent from Lursk, his father was a captive in Portalis and needed help.

Fargrim returns from his home village in Tarturia where he was visiting family and his temple but was vexed by the invading force known as the Kai'mera. Oryn's home town celebrated him as the town champion after defeating Caillus, the man responsible for stealing their etherium, and returned with a new piece of etherium to protect them. Istarya is caught off guard in the Elemental Chaos by Lursk's message while setting up a series of teleporation circles. 

The Kai'mera had captured Maxentius, Piotr, Paelias, Carric, and McGwyver for attempting to drive the invaders out of the town. The party goes into town with no trouble and notices an invisible stone and metal ring floating around the etherium and seemingly drawing power from it. 

Oryn wildshaped into a Raven and scouted around town and found that the Kai'mera base of operations was being run out of the central tower in town. Disguising themselves as Kai'mera and using Fargrim as a fake prisoner, the party gains access to the central tower in Portalis and makes their way up to the top level where they found a new short-range teleportation circle set up to access the stone ring. 

  • The party teleports into the stone ring using the telportation circle, and find themselves in a small Headquarters of the Kai'mera with prisons and guards nearby
  • They fight off the guards around the center of the ring, with the town's etherium clearly visible, energy arcing from it to the stone ring
  • The party freed McGwyver, who is missing an entire half of his torso and an arm due to an explosion, Maxentius, and Piotr but Paelias is no where to be found
  • The party teleports back down to the tower, but are followed quickly by two Kai'mera captains with Paelias enslaved in an arcane collar that seems to grant them control over him and his spellcasting
  • Istarya sequestered Paelias, which gave him enough freedom of thought to remove his own collar so that when he reappears he blasts the two Kai'mera with a fireball. After fighting off the captains, the party headed back to Castle Artegia with Paelias and the other freed prisoners


Adventure 21: The Library of the Lost

Nox and Lel talked to the two remaining warforged, Axe and Sword, and with their help aided McGwyver in activating and guiding the huge warforged called Seige outside of Akkadia. Heading east towards the rumored spot of a discovered piece of etherium, they encountered a contigent of soldiers from Sarta led by Captain Oliver Simmastri. An agreement was reached through subtle intimidation and the Sarteans allowed Seige to remove the etherium with the understanding that it was for a good cause. 

Seige carried the large piece of etherium slowly back to Portalis, where it was installed in the tower replacing the town's shattered piece. The broken etherium was collected and sent to Fallheim for defense along with Seige. 

Oryn, Fargrim, and Teadora joined with them as they all traveled to Lesandria and into the old city ruins where they discovered the recently excavated ruins with "Library of Alexandren" inscribed on the stone entranceway. Inside the party found Istarya slightly distraught and spaced out with a large stone basin on the floor that produced a visage of his long-lost sister, Istarkoi. The library appeared to have suffered a disastrous fire and nearly all of the material was lost. 

The prophet's visage informed the party of a number of things, including hints that there was a fourth wizard of the archfey that even Istarya did not know about. Istarya also revealed that when he found the temple it had seemingly already been discovered and he captured a lone spider scurrying away from the Istarkoi artifact. 

Investigating the next place in the ruins they knew about, the party discovered the hidden tower of Caillus in the ruins with swirling clouds gathering overhead. Climbing straight to the top, the party discovered the deranged cleric arguing with a young white dragon and got the drop on him. Caillus was quickly cut down, even after a grotesque transformation into a demon-like creature, as the white dragon watched and then calmly took its leave. 

There at the top of the tower the party found Caillus' dark ritual components, two more of the elder eye stones that he was seemingly channeling the etherium energy into. Following the strange guidance of the voice in his and Istarya's heads, Lel used his ooze familiar Shmee to dissolve the two stones found there and the third they'd been carrying around from under Castle Artegia. The threat to Portalis and many towns in the region had finally been dealt with.

Upon the destruction of the Artegia elder eye stone a humanoid form appeared, an illithid dressed in nice clothing greeted the party. Lel charged at it only to be stopped by some unseen force, as the stranger introduced himself as Larumenian and informed them that a greater threat was on the horizon. The psion showed them visions of black sailed ships landing all along the eastern coast of Einland as strange invaders disembarked and spread across the land. The Empire of Serathis and League of Sarta seemingly welcoming these invaders as other towns and nations were forcefully occupied. 

The party agreed that laying low would be a wise decision, and Larumenian opened a portal for them to return to Castle Artegia and hide for a time.

2,000gp each to Lel, Nox, and Oryn
800gp – Fargrim


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