The Age of Awakening

Adv. 44 - The Fire Temple, Part 1
  • Party entered the lower Fire Temple, found demons/devils and elementals killing prisoners
  • Encounter with Fire Giant and Fire Demon, rescued Fedora and Beret the Gnome Warlock and Wizard, the party also released a Water Genasi/Elemental that fled the temple quickly
  • Investigated the large impassable dragon head at the end of the bridge
  • Journeyed down and rescued a lot of prisoners, mostly Githzerai, from the lowest level of the temple not yet filled with lava, found a red fire crystal hammer
  • discovered the body of Zaaman Rul, encased in red crystal, and freed him to discover that he is the Good Archomental of Elemental Fire, and the son of Imix who constantly fights against the Prince of Elemental Evil
  • discovered that the temple cultists were siphoning off Zaaman Rul’s power and infusing it into an egg that contained the body of the red dragon, Julunguul, that Lel and Teadora remembered defeating and casting into the elemental rift back in the Shadowfell at Umbraforge (like, almost 2 years ago)
  • Lel and the party thoroughly pwnt Julunguul, the Elementally infused Elder Red Dragon with the help of Teadora and Zaaman Rul influencing her with the Flaming Sword that was recovered at Umbraforge
  • Invited by Lel, Zaaman Rul agrees to visit and possibly take up residence at the White Lotus Academy adjacent to the Elemental Chaos and help the party in their efforts to defeat the Temples of Elemental Evil
Adv. 43 - The Temples of Elemental Evil
  • Epic tier introduction
    • Fargrim as Warden of Akkadia for Tarturia
    • Castle Artegia has become a pilgrimage site for followers of Pelor, a make-shift town is springing up around the castle. Teadora’s reputation as a blessed Saint of Pelor is spreading quickly through Einland.
    • The White Lotus Monastery is now training full groups of rescued Githzerai and a few rebel Githyanki, Zimon mysteriously leaves Lel as the Headmaster of the school
    • Belgos’ actions have not been revealed, though he was seen talking with Lolth herself several times
    • Fist and McGwyver journeyed back to Akkadia, where they discovered the hidden entrance to the long lost soulforge that re-activated along with Fist and the other warforged. Inside, Fist discovered a massive vault packed with inactive warforged and a control station. Fist accessed the control station, and given a choice between giving all of the warforged life and free will or imprinting his own intellect onto all of them and having an army at his control, Fist chose to set the large number of constructs free into the world.
  • Party travels through the City of Brass, where they purchase gear including enchanting their armors with Fire Resistance and potions of fire resistance
  • They travel across the Sea of Fire, and to the Volcano where they find the Fire Temple resting within
  • Belgos disables several metal cranes around the outside of the temple
  • the party enters the upper temple and fights off fire genasi, azers, and a fire drake
  • they descend the stairs into the Fire Temple itself
Adv. 42 - Khin-Oin, the Wasting Tower
  • Teadora, Fargrim, Belgos, Lel, and Fist journey through the upper layer of the Abyss
  • Attempt to enter the Wasting Tower from Pazunia, turned away
  • Hire a dragon-skeleton ship down the Blood River
  • Attacked by Demons and Elementals on the trip down the Blood River!
  • Docking in Morglon-Dar, the span of Ogremoch
  • Spending time in Morglon-Dar, investigating Shemeshka’s medallion
  • Entering the base of Khin-Oin, interaction with the Priory of Rot
  • Journey up through the Wasting Tower
  • Enter the Library of Souls, find Mercedes’ Soul
  • Shemeshka and other Raavasta’s are there stealing souls, being attacked by demons of decay
  • Phraxas, Demon Lord of Decay and master of Khin-Oin, he who sits upon the throne known as Seige Malicious, appears to stop Shemeshka
  • brief encounter with Phraxas over the Staff of the Lower Planes, Shemeshka escapes, party quick portals out of the tower with Mercedes’ Soul
  • Each party member ends up in the Deep Astral Sea, must choose between a Black Portal and a White Portal
Adv. 41 - Into the Abyss
  • Gornobi Desert, Zimon as a guide
  • Tiefling nomads
  • Purple Worm fight
  • through the portal
  • into the Abyss
  • Plane of a Thousand Portals and the Blood Rift
  • Khin-Oin, the Wasting Tower
Adv. 40 - Return to the Tower of Djamela
  • after the Auction
  • dealing with Shemeshka
  • the false Jade Set
  • setting the trap
  • taking on Uriel Arachnus
  • the Staff of the Lower Planes and the Stone of Ebon Flame
Adv. 39 - Sigil, the City of Doors
  • Lost in the Astral Sea
  • Rescued by Larumenian, safe in Sigil
  • Hunted, looking for the Jade Set
  • Hanging around Sigil
  • Set up for the Auction
  • Auction
  • winning the Manual of the Planes
Adv. 38 - The Jade Set and the Tower of Djamela

Teadora, Lel, and Fargrim followed Istarya through the lingering portal and arrived in the Elemental Chaos, eventually floating to the large island of earth in the midst of the Sea of Fire, with a massive Efreet-built obsidian square tower taking up most of it and extending upward several stories. They observed a group of Black Mask orcs, led by a particularly large and ugly Orc in black, spikey armor milling about outside the tower, and several elementals coming and going around the island. They also bumped into Bellman, a planar traveling thief who was sent to spy on the tower and its inhabitants, who joined the party and helped them sneak into the base of the tower.

After entering the tower at a lower level, exploring a furnace, a storage room full of small pieces of Etherium, and a guard post manned by salamanders and archons, the party discovered the top most level with an extended balcony and on it a pair of Kai’mera troops (revealed to be illusions create by the persistent image spell), two githyanki, two vicious looking Babau demons, the Shadar-kai arms dealer Sarshan pacing and looking angry, a seemingly half-Eladrin in high rank Kai’mera armor, a nondescript but attractive human male in strange black clothing, and Cyrra the changeling betrayer – the last three of which were standing around a table with the entire Jade Set laid out upon it – Tray/Plate, Bowl, Cup, Knife, Fork, and Spoon. After some debate and planning, Istarya strolled out and opened conversation, the illusions disappeared, and discovered that the half-Eladrin Kai’mera was attempting a ritual with the Jade Set that was not working. He asked Istarya to help, who was reluctant but got closer and allowed himself to be grabbed by the Kai’mera, who then attempted to attack his arm with a curved dagger claiming that perhaps Istarya would somehow help with the ritual.

Istarya focused a thunder lance spell at the Eladrin, strange man, and Cyrra which was refracted through the jade set and blasted all but the strange man backward. Istarya discovered that the half-Eladrin was actually a black-haired Rakshasa in disguise, and then gathered the Jade Set and fled through the door aided by Lel’s telekinetic leap and the Expeditious Retreat spell. The Rakshasa and strange man attempted to use various psychic spells on Istarya and the party, but didn’t manage to slow them down enough. The babau demons attacked, teleporting Teadora into the room, but Lel saved her and fled as well. Behind a wall of fire conjured by Istarya, with the doors closed and sealed with a Nail of Sealing from Fargrim, Istarya dismissed his Spatial Lock and opened a Quick Portal back to Castle Artegia.

Back in Castle Artegia, the party reunited with their friends who returned from Ithacarus. Teadora ressurected Director 3 Jails, McGwyver and Fargrim forged Orium items for the rest of the party, and Istarya gathered the Jade Set and performed a history revealing ritual on them all. Upon reluctantly touching the Jade Cup, Istarya’s left hand was afflicted with a divine curse that withered it to a blackened and shriveled husk of what it formerly was and caused the Eladrin a great deal of pain.

As the party began to relax and discuss what to do next with the Jade Set, Castle Artegia was rocked by tremors and began to move. Peering outside the party was shocked to discover the entire castle was being sucked through a Planar Breach!

Adv. 37 - This is... SARTA!

Istarya, Fist, Lel, and Teadora travel to the League of Sarta to stop the impending summoning of the second Astral Dreadnaught.

  • After returning from the ancient past in the traveling machine, Teadora found out that Captain Oliver Simmastri had come from the League of Sarta to summon her there – her home nation was under attack by mysterious cultists – but it was clear that Ithacarus was in grave danger from the same ritual as well
  • McGwyver and 3 Jails arrived with the repaired airship from Tarturia, and so the party sent 3 Jails with Carric and his Rusva’elen companions to scout out Ithacarus and find out what was going on there
  • McGwyver set about smelting of the Orium and infused one item for each party member – Lel’s Githyanki Silver Sword taken from a now non-existant githyanki, Istarya’s Wand of Icy Rays he collected from chillborn zombies, Teadora’s Holy Radiance Armor decended from the Invulernable Coat of Arnd, Fists …fists of stone created centuries ago and hardened with age
  • The others reluctantly gathered in Istarya’s Traveling Machine to head to Sarta, but appeared miles above the Bay of Andonental plummeting towards the water, then appeared on the ground south of Sarta, then within the region of Eradrius in Sarta and discovered that the population of Kai’mera and Sarteans were actually getting along very well, and even some Kai’mera were assimilating and had begun worship of some of the divine gods and goddesses
  • Finally the party teleported into Pelos and entered the Castle Tam, with a statue of Reschard Tam “Slayer of Giants” in front of it, and met with Emporer Evander Rittam, who had a council with a Grand General of the Kai’mera – Kal’Kelaesar Tesai and with Inquisitor Brizbane from the Cerillian Order (which is based in Sarta)
  • The party was skeptical but learned a great deal about the Kai’mera from Tesai, including that Serathis was another Grand General and that they had all been led to Einland seemingly against the Kai’mera leadership’s orders by an Adjudicator, Eidolarys Shodai – but that social intricacies of their people this did not mean that they could disobey orders or betray their own kind, but was the main reason for Tesai being peaceful and amicable with the League of Sarta
  • The party discovered that the Cult of the Elder Elemental Eye had just started attacking the main etherium protecting the three main capitals of Sarta (Humatilia, Pelos, and Eradrius) – taking 9 detachments of Kai’mera and many more of Sartean troops the party set out to defend the etherium, leaving the Humatilia beacon on its own due to rumors of an avatar of Bahamut manifesting to help defend it
  • The party first went to defend the Eradrius beacon and discovered numerous fire cultists, genasi, elementals, and fire giants chanting to a being named Imix and lead by a fiery orb of magma towards to beacon that protects the main Etherium. During the fight McGwyver was overtaken by the essence of Erathis and gifted with syllables of creation relating to the body, which allowed him to increase Fist’s size to huge and lead him in a fight against a Fire Titan, at the end of which the orb of magma rocketed towards the center Etherium of Sarta in its dying effort
  • Next the party journeyed to the Humatilia beacon upon hearing the avatar had failed, and discovered a Platinum armored and winged Gwrtheyrn being subdued by another floating magma orb of fire, but was freed by a Sequester spell from Istarya who was then blessed with Platinum armor and wings by Gwyrtheyrn, who considered Istarya’s debt to him for being freed in Portalis to finally be paid off, upon defeating the cultists, genasi, and magma orb here the second orb hurtled towards the center Etherium as well
  • The party followed the orb and discovered three orbs had attacked, one to each beacon, and had all launched themselves at the etherium and were now forming one, humongous magma orb that begin lowering magma and an elder eye stone relic towards the Etherium. With the help of Gwrtheyrn, Lel teleporting like a madman, Istarya throwing spells, Fist punching things, and Teadora channeling the pure light of Pelor through her Orium infused armor and her Sun Disk holy symbol, the party destroyed the eye stone and blasted the magma orb to pieces, but not before the red tear in the sky had begun to let through several adamantine chains and the face of an astral dreadnaught, which was cut off by the closing portal and spilled green & red blood and guts all over the area and the heroes
  • Sarta was saved, and the Emporer happily and handsomely rewarded the party, adding in a note that he knew Teadora could save them because she had saved his life when he was just a boy from the Lizardman invasions in the south when she was still a Paladin in the army of Sarta
  • 3 Jails and Carric returned on the airship and expressed confusion, claiming the party had to see things for themselves – arriving at New Ithaca, the capital of Ithacarus, the party discovered a familiar scene of destruction with several fallen adamantine chains, but also they saw the gargantuan body of a dead astral dreadnaught, its jaw hanging open and broken, with blood spilled across the ground all around it. From the gaping mouth a set of humanoid sized, mysterious footprints could be seen in the blood and guts, which then trailed away from the creature’s mouth and body, leaving a track of bloody footprints that suddenly stopped several paces out away. Something had escaped from the Astral Dreadnaught, someONE had escaped.
  • As the party returned to the airship, Cyrra stepped out from the unpowered traveling machine carrying a jade knife in her hand, stabbed the githzerai Director 3 Jails in the back (killing him), and then threw the piece of Elemental Etherium the party had retrieved from the diplomatic room in Portalis which created a portal into the Elemental Chaos, and jumped – vanishing through the portal. A split second later Istarya lunged forward quickly but was not quick enough as the portal closed before he could get through, but he did get a good look where it led – to a tower amidst a sea of raging fire, with the City of Brass far off in the distance.
  • The party returned to Castle Artegia and rested, collecting themselves for the journey ahead. Teadora, studying in the makeshift hospital on the middle levels of the castle, finally made a breakthrough as she managed to completely cleanse a bit of githyanki blood of the spellscar taint.
Adv. 36 - Back In Time

Lel, Teadora, Fargrim, and Fist travel back in time to old Bael Turath and explore the tower of the human wizard Acererak.

  • In the semi-ruins of Klizzarnus, the capital of Tarturia, the party receives a message from Paelias that they should return to Castle Artegia as quickly as possible
  • The party is offered the airship in Farglen, and so they leave 3 Jails and McGwyver there to repair it, while the others enter Istarya’s Traveling Machine with Istarya and his companion Cyrra in order to quickly return to Artegia
  • As they exit the machine they find themselves inside of an ancient Bael Turath wizard’s laboratory, and quickly learn that it belongs to the wizard Acererak
  • After exploring the lower portions of the tower, meeting the wizard’s servant tiefling, and taking a look at the surrounding city, they eventually discover that there are several pieces of pure Orium within the tower
  • The party heads to the upper levels and is attacked by undead guardians, traps, and quickly discover that the tower contains various libraries, studies, and laboratories for numerous evil and undead experiments including those to turn someone into a Lich (which Lel attempts to disrupt and fumbles, possibly doing more damage or good than he could have intended to on purpose)
  • The party reaches the upper level and finds the human wizard, Acererak, busy at work on some sort of large machine that is using Orium as its focus. After some quick attempts at negotiation, the wizard decides to get rid of the party and a big fight ensues between Acererak, his summoned arcane servants, and the party that results in Acererak being torn apart by the energies of his own arcane device (but he’ll be back in 1d10 days as a Lich, so it’s all good)
  • The party ransacks the rest of the tower, retrieves one piece of Orium for each of themselves, and discovers plans for some grand “Tomb of Horrors” that the wizard was planning to construct
Adv. 35 - Tarturia, F@!k Yeah!!! Part 2
  • Lel picked up Dak's Githyanki Silver bastard sword as he looked down at the dying githyanki, noticing the red gems encrusted in its hilt faded and turned a pale blue color. Dak informed him through a coughing, pained laugh that he was no longer considered a githyanki as a traitor to his race. Lel's arcana allowed him to realize that the silver sword now considered itself in non-githyanki hands, meaning the Sword Seekers would be after it. He quickly stored it in his Gloves of Storing.
  • The party, including Lel, Teadora, and Fargrim began to fortify the town of Farglen as they debated what to do about the scouting group of Kai'mera that were surely going to return within the next few hours
  • One of the dwarven commoners who was working on the broken airship approaches the party and informs them that he found something strange within the airship. Taking the party inside, with an unconscious Dak over Fargrim's shoulder, they find a strangely forged metal cage hidden behind some crates in the storage area that contained a "ken-doll"-like Githzerai with entirely white eyes in strange clothing with an orb in his hand.
  • The Githzerai was named Director 3-Jails, and he seemed imediately subservient to Lel. The party discovered that Dak appeared to be giving 3-Jails orders previously. After some debate about whether or not 3-Jails wanted to be freed, Lel opened the githyanki forged cage and they returned to the center of town. 
  • After some more discussion about the approaching Kai'mera, the party spotted an airship coming from the north – the Skidbladnir was returning! The airship did not land but hovered over the town as two dwarves dropped into town on ropes. They informed the party that the Kai'mera scouts had diverged from their path and oddly headed towards the capital city of Klizzarnus, which still had the red cracks above it in the sky arcing red lightning into the city every few minutes.
  • One of the dwarven agents wanted to kill Dak, but Lel offered 3-Jails the chance to shoot him. After some consideration, 3-Jails used his psionic powers of unmaking and tore Dak from this reality (and tore some of him from history as well).
  • Teadora sent an animal messenger squirrel back to Akkadia to deliver a message to Istarya, "Come to Farglen so you can help the people here and defend them just in case"
  • The party boarded the airship Skidbladnir, formerly the Tarturian diplomatic vessel, and asked to be taken to the leader of the Tarturian resistance. The airship flew south of Klizzarnus and the party started to notice, in the setting sun, a collection of clouds to the west of the capital city that was not always moving as it should be.
  • Flying through the mass of clouds, the party discovered an empty interior portion of the cloud and the crew were confused, then the ship proceeded through an edge of the cloud and found out that there are several large open areas within the mass of clouds – that's when they spotted the large mass of 8-10 airships roped and boarded together, floating through the cloud like a giant, mobile city.
  • Docking with the city, amid the groups of ornithopters taking off and landing regularly, the party discovered a bustling town aboard the airships, and were informed that King Vondal, the long reigning king of Tarturia, was busy but could see them soon. The party did some shopping, and then was led into the main throne chamber of the King aboard a larger, central airship that was less connected to the rest as if prepared for an emergency escape at any time.
  • In the king's chamber, Fargrim was saddened to notice that King Vondal was in fact Rangrim Vondal, the first in line for the throne. He discovered that the Kai'mera had apparently killed his father who had ruled for years, and that Rangrim was still upset about it and not very pleased about being in command. The party established connections with the king between Tarturia and the Castle Artegia resistance movements.
  • King Vondal showed the party that the center of Klizzarnus had become a battle zone, with a large red forcefield around where the central bunker/etherium were located. They spotted several cultists and a hill giant around the center of the city, and noticed that they appeared to be fighting off the Kai'mera.
  • The party formed a plan and flew down to the outskirts of the city, then with one of the dwarves from the Skidbladnir began sneaking their way through the secret tunnels beneath Klizzarnus. They emerged half way through the city in a rescently constructed resistance safe house and were led into a chamber similar to the throne room of the king, where they met Ardos – a late middle aged man affiliated with the theives guild in the city and seemingly working for both the resistance and the Kai'mera. It became clear that Teadora and Ardos had a sordid past, and he was none too happy about losing her favor to the likes of Pelor.
  • Several Kai'mera teleported into the room and held the party at sword point as a female higher rank Kai'mera paced through the room, thanking Ardos for regularly capturing members of the resistance for her. Mid-sentence she was cut off as a bullet tore through the back of her neck, Ardos had seemingly gotten irritable and bored and fired at her from a pistol at his hip. The rest of the theives opened fire and took out all of the Kai'mera guards as Ardos led the party out of the room and to another passageway to the secret tunnels towards the center of the city. It quickly became apparent that the safe house was built around an airship which was beginning to take off as the party crawled onward.
  • In the center of the city the party discovered the Etherium bunker had been completely blocked off by solid walls of earth, and emerging on the surface discovered four red gems being channeled into by cultists and earth weird genasi, which also appeared to be the striking points of the red lightning from above as arcs began to shoot down more regularly every minute. The area where the etherium bunker should have been was instead covered by a giant, pulsing and lurching mass of earth and stone.
  • The party dispatched two of the cultists and genasi, incapacitated the hilll giant, and fought off the Norkers emerging from the ground all around them. As Lel, Shmee, and 3-Jails began to disrupt the the lightning crystals several of them became anchors for continuously arcing lightning from above, and suddenly the ground beneath each crystal churned upward into 75 foot tall pillars of roiling earth. As the norkers stopped clawing their way out of the ground, a large mass emerged from the mass of earth in the center, shaking off some dirt it appeared like a large sized dragon made entirely of crumbling stone that made the earth around it quake.
  • The earthquake dragon took flight and began assaulting Fargrim alone atop one of the pillars, while 3-Jails and Lel managed the norkers, genasi, and lightning crystals atop the other pillars. Above they could see the red cracks in the sky widening above the active crystals to reveal a large surface of adamantine above, reminding the party of the gates around Carceri they saw in their visions of the red star.
  • As the party disabled most of the crystals, the pillars slowly collapsed back to relatively stable ground, the lightning ceased from the crystals but the pulsating ground in the center heaved upwards as a huge Earth Titan emerged holding a large piece of Etherium, housing inside of it one of the Elder Eye Stones infused with Orium – as a large bolt of red energy streaked down from the sky into the etherium. The Titan exclaimed "My lord Ogremoch demands this portal be opened!"
  • The openings in the portal gave way as the party fought the titan and earthquake dragon below, revealing that the adamantine was not in fact the walls of Carceri but instead a giant, broken link of chain that silently fell from the sky.
  • The chain link landed, sending an immense cloud of dust into the air as a quarter of the center of Klizzarnus was flattened and smashed to pieces. Director 3-Jails bluffed and distracted the Earth Titan while Fargrim and one of 3-Jail's Phantasmal Killer constructs fought off the dragon.
  • Lel leapt onto the etherium, released one of the jars of Orium Dragon's Breath that began to eat through the Etherium towards the Orium infused Eye Stone inside, while the Titan pummeled a large earthen fist into Lel's arcane shield and then his brittle and bony face.
  • Another portal opened above as, this time, sevearl links of immense adamantine chain fell and leveled another quarter of the center of the city and sent a large cloud of dust into the air. The Orium Acid Breath Elemental, along with Shmee's help, managed to eat through half of the eye stone and remove it from the Etherium, 3-Jails eventually tossed the relic to Lel who put it inside one of his gloves of storing. The red force field around the center of town began to dissolve as the Resistance fleet could be heard approaching in the distance.
  • Lel teleported the Titan inside one of the large chain links, then dramatically flung his sword at a green crystal in the Titan's chest and caused it to shatter as cannonballs began to rain down from the Tarturian Resistance fleet that was approaching rapidly.


It is now apparent that the Kai'mera and the Cult of Elemental Evil are not friends, and in fact that they will fight with no provocation what so ever.

Also it has now been discovered that the so-called "Night of Dread" that Caillus' notes alluded to is coming within a few weeks and that it refers to the portals bringing several Astral Dreadnaughts into the material world to cause destruction on a massive scale.


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