The Age of Awakening

Adv. 50 - Finale
  • Teadora, Fist, Lel, Belgos, & Istarya
Adv. 49 - Killing Vlaakith
  • Lel, Fargrim, Teadora, Fist, Oryn, & Azazael
Adv. 48 - The Earth Temple, Part 1
  • Lel, Teadora, Azazael, and Fist journey towards the large Plateau where the Earth Temple awaits
Adv. 47 - The Water Temple, Part 1
  • Teadora, Fargrim, Belgos, and Oryn find themselves on Ben Hadar’s ship (the Prince of Good Water Elementals) heading into a vast elemental ocean
Adv. 46 - The Air Temple, Part 1
  • Riding Albrathanilar and the Airship to the Air Temple
  • Shardstorm Vortexes on the approach
  • bombarding the upper temple
  • descending into the whirlwind
  • Lel: discovery of archon armor
  • Teadora: feast with Yan-SeeBin’s servants, turn undead
    • Air Elementals/Archons
    • Air Cultists/Genasi
    • Strange Astral Mirror Creature
  • Belgos: the fountain and the stranded lich
  • Azazael: the Earthen prisoner
  • exploring the air temple
  • Asking the Air Archon for help
  • discovery of Chan (disguised as the air archon)
  • defeating the lich, Lel performed a ritual to track the Lich’s essence
Adv. 45 - The Ice Temple, Part 1
  • Zaaman Rul hooks Teadora and Belgos up with Esteban de Gris (Shade Ninja) and Azazael (Tiefling Seeker)
  • The party enters the Ice Temple using the Elemental Heart of Fire to open a crack in the large ice wall in the Elemental Chaos
  • through the temple entrance, the party discovers a large snowy arcing enclosed valley with frozen Frost Titans, Frost Giants, Ice Devils, and a wizard (Chosen of Cryonax)
  • the party discovers half the valley floors falls away
  • fight with Frost Titan, Ice Devils, and a Chosen of Cryonax
  • investigation of the prison, freeing the Fire Elementals
  • investigation of the war room – war with the Air temple, war with the Fire Temple
  • Pit Fiend, Asgeroth, is imprisoned in ice along with good White Dragon female named Albrathanilar
Adv. 44 - The Fire Temple, Part 1
  • Party entered the lower Fire Temple, found demons/devils and elementals killing prisoners
  • Encounter with Fire Giant and Fire Demon, rescued Fedora and Beret the Gnome Warlock and Wizard, the party also released a Water Genasi/Elemental that fled the temple quickly
  • Investigated the large impassable dragon head at the end of the bridge
  • Journeyed down and rescued a lot of prisoners, mostly Githzerai, from the lowest level of the temple not yet filled with lava, found a red fire crystal hammer
  • discovered the body of Zaaman Rul, encased in red crystal, and freed him to discover that he is the Good Archomental of Elemental Fire, and the son of Imix who constantly fights against the Prince of Elemental Evil
  • discovered that the temple cultists were siphoning off Zaaman Rul’s power and infusing it into an egg that contained the body of the red dragon, Julunguul, that Lel and Teadora remembered defeating and casting into the elemental rift back in the Shadowfell at Umbraforge (like, almost 2 years ago)
  • Lel and the party thoroughly pwnt Julunguul, the Elementally infused Elder Red Dragon with the help of Teadora and Zaaman Rul influencing her with the Flaming Sword that was recovered at Umbraforge
  • Invited by Lel, Zaaman Rul agrees to visit and possibly take up residence at the White Lotus Academy adjacent to the Elemental Chaos and help the party in their efforts to defeat the Temples of Elemental Evil
Adv. 43 - The Temples of Elemental Evil
  • Epic tier introduction
    • Fargrim as Warden of Akkadia for Tarturia
    • Castle Artegia has become a pilgrimage site for followers of Pelor, a make-shift town is springing up around the castle. Teadora’s reputation as a blessed Saint of Pelor is spreading quickly through Einland.
    • The White Lotus Monastery is now training full groups of rescued Githzerai and a few rebel Githyanki, Zimon mysteriously leaves Lel as the Headmaster of the school
    • Belgos’ actions have not been revealed, though he was seen talking with Lolth herself several times
    • Fist and McGwyver journeyed back to Akkadia, where they discovered the hidden entrance to the long lost soulforge that re-activated along with Fist and the other warforged. Inside, Fist discovered a massive vault packed with inactive warforged and a control station. Fist accessed the control station, and given a choice between giving all of the warforged life and free will or imprinting his own intellect onto all of them and having an army at his control, Fist chose to set the large number of constructs free into the world.
  • Party travels through the City of Brass, where they purchase gear including enchanting their armors with Fire Resistance and potions of fire resistance
  • They travel across the Sea of Fire, and to the Volcano where they find the Fire Temple resting within
  • Belgos disables several metal cranes around the outside of the temple
  • the party enters the upper temple and fights off fire genasi, azers, and a fire drake
  • they descend the stairs into the Fire Temple itself
Adv. 42 - Khin-Oin, the Wasting Tower
  • Teadora, Fargrim, Belgos, Lel, and Fist journey through the upper layer of the Abyss
  • Attempt to enter the Wasting Tower from Pazunia, turned away
  • Hire a dragon-skeleton ship down the Blood River
  • Attacked by Demons and Elementals on the trip down the Blood River!
  • Docking in Morglon-Dar, the span of Ogremoch
  • Spending time in Morglon-Dar, investigating Shemeshka’s medallion
  • Entering the base of Khin-Oin, interaction with the Priory of Rot
  • Journey up through the Wasting Tower
  • Enter the Library of Souls, find Mercedes’ Soul
  • Shemeshka and other Raavasta’s are there stealing souls, being attacked by demons of decay
  • Phraxas, Demon Lord of Decay and master of Khin-Oin, he who sits upon the throne known as Seige Malicious, appears to stop Shemeshka
  • brief encounter with Phraxas over the Staff of the Lower Planes, Shemeshka escapes, party quick portals out of the tower with Mercedes’ Soul
  • Each party member ends up in the Deep Astral Sea, must choose between a Black Portal and a White Portal
Adv. 41 - Into the Abyss
  • Gornobi Desert, Zimon as a guide
  • Tiefling nomads
  • Purple Worm fight
  • through the portal
  • into the Abyss
  • Plane of a Thousand Portals and the Blood Rift
  • Khin-Oin, the Wasting Tower

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