Funny Quotes

Adventure 1:

"Eclectic Band? Meedly meedly meedly!" "No, not electric band."
"Githyanki are like fruit flies…"
"Perhaps I could create some sort of Bar-lista…because we're in a bar."
"Nunchuking Bear"

Adventure 2:

"Cogwheel's patented bolt-bolt" (meaning crossbow bolt / nuts and bolts)
"I argue with Dwarven logic."
"Somebody has to sleep on the Ooze."

Adventure 3:

God: "You, Democracy!"
"Gronkelgearshrank" = Warforged
"EVERYTHING gnashes!"
"Eldarin with a Dwarf? That's unstoppable!"
"Gith Gone Wild!"

Adventure 4:

"Blown by the wind"
"Oooh! Lucky charms!"

Adventure 5:

"The Tavern Tussle (Dance)"
"Why would you kill someone that's already dead?"
Morgue records: "This man was a wusbag."
"Bane is all for the fisting."
"Nobody expects the Githyanki!"
"I'm so fucking Frodo!"
Becky lights curtain on fire, "Welcome to HELL, Troll!"
"It's curtains for you, Troll."
"When you're a wizard right in front of a troll, pooping your pants is a free action."

Adventure 6:

"You have to rub your balls on it, that's the rule." Dave – talking to Josh

NPC scared of Githyanki: "They get in your minds and mess with you!"
Ben: "Are you guys talking about women?"

Istarya attempts to disable lock, rolls low: "This lock is…impenetrable."
"Baby Gnolls are delicious!"

Adventure 7 & 7.5:

"He's a cutter…He's a ''Goth''yanki."
"Hobgoblins don't let Hobgoblins drum & drive."
"It's a gay dinosaur, it eats HEEEEYYYYYY!"
"Gith love babies."
Location: "Gnoll Knoll"

Adventure 8:

Adventure 9:

"I eat dice all the time…" "Do you poop 20's?"
"This…is….FALLHEIM!" (not Sparta)
Gelatinous Cube riding a Bulette = Bulette skeleton

Adventure 10:

"Gnollifying the threat."
"He barely believes in MAGIC, much less religion!" – about McGwyver
"You see some beady…corners?" (a sneaking Gelatinous Cube in the dark, doesn't have beady eyes)
"Leeeeeeeroooooyyyyy CUBE!"

Adventure 11:

While searching for tracks in overgrown ruins, Admiral Ackbar voice: "It's a TRACK!"
"You never know when the Cube's coming out, cause the Cube is always out!"
"Your plans are more delicious now."
My wife: "I know I'm annoying, but be nice to me."
"No nose? How does he smell?" "Pretty bad!"

Adventure 12:

"Roll a death save, honey."

Adventure 13:

Istarya: "Does Pelor talk to you?"
Teadora: "He tells me to bring Justice."
Istarya: "Does he tell you to set fires?"

"The rock doesn't have a will."

Adventure 14.1

"So combined I have a retarded acid-fire breathing Dwarf."
"Demons in the mist."
"Flaming Halfling mist vs. Troll"
"Riding on the moose…"

Adventure 15

"They'd be like fuck, and I'd be like shit."

Adventure 16

"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Hobgoblin."

Adventure 17-21

Adventure 22

"I'm no big city lawyer, but I know chickens poop on things…"
"Won't you take me to…Shifter town!"
"Sparrow spooge."

Adventure 24


Adventure 25

Teadora's Horse is named Meatball
"This gold is old, its got mold, use it where things are sold…is it cold?"

Adventure 27 / Dave's Game 37

PC: "Is the Empire still around?"
DM: "No."
Party all at the same time: "Yesssss!"

Adventure 28

New Epic Destiny – Dinosaur Poop
Becky: "I'd be fossilized forever."
Owlbear Burger
Halfling Drow Drider
Baby Drow Drider

Adventure 29-30


Adventure 31

Song: "We killed this city…in the name of Pelor!" by the band Tarturian Airship

"He who smelted it, dealted it."

Adventure 32

"The spider was bugged."

Funny Quotes

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