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Summary of Events (by Becky)

Prequel 1: Doppleganger, disguised as Piotor, trys to kill us with some dudes. Assuming we were trying to be killed because we were looking into Lester dealing with the Merchants (AKA Evil Apprentice Harlin)

Prequel 2: Gobos. Lester was there. Were they connected to anything?

Adventure 1: Well goes dry. We go to fix. Big plant, caused by dark etherium – who put it there? Find the elves.

Adventure 2: Still in the caves from last adventure, find runes to the "temple of time." Drow is stuck in there, we essentially help him get out? More gobos in the cavern. (Same gobos as prequel 2, but different location??) Elves were looking for Lester – why?

Adventure 3: The elves give us Lester. We go to his contact, the Merchant, and question him. His assistant, Evil Apprentice Harlin, gives us a map to the place where he would meet up with his "contact". This turns out to be a Kruthik trap. When we get back to town, the Merchant and Harlin are dead. We go to get more Owls with Dora the golden owl, and are attacked by folks with a LOCATION CRYSTAL.

Adventure 4: Owls are at Castle Artegia.

Adventure 5: We go back to the Castle to clean out the basement. Teodora lights the curtains on fire and kills da trolls. We fight a stranger with a red stone – Istaryia hides this in the chest. It's the eye of creepy chained god dude.

Adventure 6: Kruthorn! We head to Fallheim. Carric sees the claw on the wall.

Adventure 7: We meet Theodore, the wizard in Fallheim. Klar is prisoner, was accused of doing mind-control on townspeople. (?) Dark etherium might be responsible for the craziness.

Adventure 8: Heralds of Serathis – have same animal symbol that merchant had. Party + Theodore get rid of Dark Etherium.

Adventure 9: Go to assult western tower with Klar. Find slink. Kobalds have a sword that can summon a dragon. Klar runs away with sword and dragon.

Adventure 10: We go to Winterhaven, on Klar's trail.

Adventure 11: We look for Klar in the Fell Keep. Meet Modra.

Adventure 12: Portal to Shadowfell is being built. Sword is in the portal.

Adventure 13: Enter portal, Umbraforge. Klar and Modra show up. Modra flees, Klar helps. Piotr is here. We kill mean dragon, then we all see visions. End up back in Portalis.

Strange events:

  • Goblins in portalis have a red spider painted on the shield. -Jacob
  • Drow and spider portal under portalis… -Josh
    • We encountered more Giant spiders again in adventure 14.2. -Andrew
  • A short, cloaked, shadowy figure was seen rushing through the marketplace in Portalis: could this be Klar's little lacky? -Matt
    • This has some connection to the shadowfell thing we just went through, Modra being an agent for the corruption of etherium -Josh
  • We still haven't solved Samuel and Harlin's Murder, have we? -Matt
  • Etherium Corruption in Portalis (in general) -Josh
  • Encroachment of Serathis Empire -Matt
  • Letters in the cart/drop box -Josh
    • This was one of 3 drop spots used by the sarta imposter diplomat but appears to be abandened now.(Jacob)
    • the other drop spots seem to be dead as well but we left a note to meet 2 days after we found portal being attacked. but I think this is null now.(jacob)
    • Gnolls
    • <strike>Follow the heroes and assist Modra</strike>
    • Parnyn – tiefling bloodhunter
  • Attack on Meeting between Tarturian and Sartean Diplomats. -Andrew

Strange Items:

  • Claws -Andrew
  • Dinosaur egg -Josh
  • Swords, could there be more "sister" swords? -Andrew
  • Diamond shaped spiral symbol of chained god(jacob)
    • Initially found on a doppelgangers body by rex (jacob)
    • Found on tiefling trying to break the portal seal beneath portalis. (jacob)
    • Symbol used to mark drop spots.(jacob)
    • Symbol also found at the midnight massacre attempt. can we guess the chained god may be behind this?(jacob)

World Events to take note of:

  • Serathis method of expansion (Josh)
  • Meeting in Portalis and Etherium corruption coinciding a bit (Josh)
  • Portal creation by evil dude (someone toss in the name here) from Shadowfell (Josh)
  • Diplomatic negotiations in Portalis and argument between Sarta and Tarturian Empire (Josh)
    • By historical precedence Sarta has the rightful claim – yet a war that was never declared over has pushed them out (Josh)

Miscellaneous things to look into:

  • How Etherium functions, where it comes from, etc (Josh)
  • Elemental, Dark, Light, Inert etherium (Josh)

Interrogation of imposter diplomat results

  • <strike>He is a Sarta plant</strike>
  • Mapped locations of drop boxes
  • Belief in some sort of corruption…
  • <strike>There are definitely Sartan public diplomats with knowledge of the infiltration and possibly the attack</strike>
  • He actually is planted in the <strike>sarta</strike> part by Sarshan aka Starchild McScroodge. (Jacob)
    • Orphaned in Sarta but placed within Tarturia – developed into an agent meant to implicate Sarta for infiltration (Josh)
  • Sarshan is a info/weapons/mercenary dealer or go between man and the diplomat didn't know who his direct employer was.(jacob)

Plot arc ideas

  • Sarshan – master of the umbraforge is working with someone to spread chaos/"corruption" (Josh)
  • Agents have been placed within various governments across the world (Josh)
  • Etherium is being targeted for destruction and "draining" – directly to the north (Josh)
  • Chained God symbol keeps popping up, is he the client? – (Josh)
  • Visions we had upon leaving the Shadowfell were preceded by the floating eye thing – much like the chained god questions thing (Josh)

Sarshan information

  • He was under attack by the Black Mask Orc tribe – a tribe from the NE near Ithacarus – probably means more portals up there (Josh)
  • Moved out recently with a large force – may be taking action around here – possibly Ithacarus? (Josh)

Ways the DM likes to get laid:

  • By Angry Men Dressed as Superheroes – Up the Butt (What what?)
  • Eiffel Tower (Tour d'Eiffel)
  • Hot Karl
  • Devil's Three-way(with eye contact)
  • While being serenaded by either the Starcraft soundtrack or someone making Ultralisk noises.
  • After being presented with the "Naked Man"

Whiteboard Space:

You are all lazy fucks.


Party Journal

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