The Kaimera

The Kai'mera are a strange race / bloodline made up almost entirely of humans and half-elves. They first arrived in Einland in the fall of the year 874 upon black sailed ships from the east. Though they still appear to age at the same rate as humans, every Kai'mera has the Immortal key word due to their exotic blood and heritage.


All that has been seen of the Kai'mera culture to date has been composed of combat troops, it is unknown if every member of the race is a combatant or if the invasion only consisted of non-civilians. Their armor and weapons are typically forged from black/dark metal and stone (such as obsidian) and are primarily adorned with exotic patterns, gems, and avian themed carvings. 

The Kai'mera appear to regard all birds and avian creatures highly, often taking the appearance of a raven or other birds as a good omen. This seems to be the extent of beliefs/religion in their society.


There appear to be no divine magic using individuals among the Kai'mera, but some have displayed psionic, arcane, and primal abilities. They are known for forcibly controlling powerful arcane spellcasters with strange obsidian collars that explode when improperly removed from the mage.


The majority of the Kai'mera military is made up of powerful ground troops, roughly one third of which ride lizard mounts known as Lorthenx that have the natural ability to turn themselves and their riders completely invisible.

The Kai'mera appear to be occupying most of Einland with a ratio of 1 Kai'mera per 100 natives, though this was increased in Tarturia after initial resistance to 1 Kai'mera per 25 natives.


Grand Emperor / Imin’drua (or Eran) – Only one Grand Emperor of all Kai’mera
Adjudicator / Eidolarys – Eidolarys Shodai led the Kai’mera to invade Einland
Grand General / Kal’Kelaesar – Kal’Kelaesar Serathis (forerunner), Kal’Kelaesar Tesai (in Sarta)
General / Kelaesar – Kelaesar Cari (female) and Kelaesar Basia (male) in Sarta
Colonel / Tylaer
Major / Tazys
Captain / Tadal
Lieutenants / Jhoraelal
2nd Lieutenants / Mae’Jhoraelal
Officer – Orolaes – Each Orolaes has at most 26 Kai’mera soldiers under his direct command

Other Ranks:
Major / Tazys
Sergeant / Maesael
Corporal or Specialist / Tysysar or Maelolor
Private / Volari

Classes of Soldiers/Other Kai’mera

Dragon / Pandryl – riders of the Lorthenx
Goat / Kyr – heavily armored defenders
Lion / Jhol – heavily armed attackers

Arbiter / Eisoraes

Salar / Aswaran – Cavalry
Tirbodh – Archers
Paygan – Infantry
Argbodh – ruler of keep / castle
Marzban / Kenarang – commander of frontier march

It is estimated that the total number of Kai’mera that invaded Einland in 874 was just over 20,000 soldiers.

The Kaimera

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