The Age of Awakening

The year is 874, the land is fractured and conflicted. Many empires have risen from the ashes of long forgotten wars, each trying to lay claim to the land it believes rightfully belonged to their respective ancestors and rulers of old. None of this would be possible were it not for Etherium, the life blood of modern times. Even the oldest tomes only briefly tell of the time when the fragments were discovered, glowing and crystalline, protruding from the ground as if they had grown there.

Chapter 1 (Heroic, level 1-6)

Everything began when Teadora, Carric, and Rex Trawkus discovered hints of a sinister cult within the town of Portalis. Then Rex and his companion Gwrtheyrn discovered an ancient Eladrin trapped near a portal beneath the center of town, the Eladrin's name was Istarya. Joined by Lel and McGwyver the group fought against the Bile Spider Goblin clan, cultists, and discovered that the nearby town of Fallheim had come under attack.

Arriving at the beseiged town of Fallheim, they met a sinister Githyanki named Klar who had led a tribe of hobgoblins in an assualt on the town. Here the party encountered emmisaries from the Empire of Serathis, a strange new empire with bizarre customs. The party also met the hobgoblin Nox Arg'Belkord after saving the town, who led them in pursuit of Klar to the town of Winterhaven, through Fel Keep and into the Shadowfell. In the plane of the dead the party discovered the shanty town of Umbraforge run by a mysterious entity known as Sarshan. The party captured Klar, destroyed Umbraforge, and upon taking a portal back to Portalis were shocked by visions of a floating eye and the culmination of their greatest fears.

Chapter 2 (Heroic, level 6-10)

Back in Portalis, the party finished off the Bile Spider Goblins, met the wizard Paelias, rescued Rex from cultists, and discovered an Edler Eye Stone relic to the Chained God. Diplomats from Tarturia and Sarta arrived in Portalis, and the party met up with Fargrim and Oryn. At the end of the month, during a full moon, the cult's plans culminated in an attempt to destroy the Etherium at Portalis as they had done at Fallheim. The ritual was partially disrupted, but McGwyver's sister was a casualty as her soul was torn apart by demons and dragged to the edge of the abyss.

Following the trail of Sarshan's servant, Modra, the party travelled to Lesandria City and discovered the cult was holding several prisoners of strange origin, similar to those from the Empire of Serathis but slightly different, along with several strange creatures known as Lorthenx. Lel, Nox, and Oryn were accidentally teleported to the ruins of Akkadia, the abandoned land between Tarturia and Sarta, by McGwyver who led them to discover and activate several long-lost Warforged.

The party then converged on the hidden ruins of a Library in Lesandria that was built by Istarya's now deceased Eladrin sister, Istarkoi. Something was stolen from the library that is still quite unknown, but they find Istarya there and regroup to attack the head of the cult that attacked Portalis, a corrupted cleric named Caillus. Upon Caillus' death the ritual is finally disrupted, and Lel frees an entity trapped within the Elder Eye Stone that is revealed to be an Illithid Psion named Larumenian. The psion warns them of an impending invasion of all of Einland, and teleports them to Castle Artegia where the party agrees they will all separate and go into hiding to avoid being targeted as a part of the invasion.

Chapter 3 (Paragon, level 11-16)

The Kai'mera invaded all of Einland, and the party had to deal with this invasion on a very personal level in Portalis and free Paelias from being an arcane captive of the invaders. Lel and Fargrim joined a group in rescuing Lel's mentors, Merzim and Zimon, from the edge of the Elemental Chaos and helped them found an academy within the mountains near Portalis. Teadora and McGwyver led an expedition into the Kai'mera occupied Portalis to retrieve the body of his sister, Mercedes Cogwheel, and discovered that not everyone is unhappy with the invading presence.

With an omnious red star now shining brightly in the sky, the party sought to investigate Caillus' motivations and visited his home town of Ashcroft in the Western Kingdoms. There they discovered a town under non-Kai'mera oppression set up by Caillus and an unwitting but starving Orium Dragon. After freeing the town and rescuing the town priest, a Necromancer-Lich named Galindor, the party discovered that Caillus had been improperly smelting an ancient metal called Orium and had a contingency ritual set up in the certain event of his early death to bring about the "Night of Dread".

Back in Portalis, Lel along with Teadora and Oryn observe an elemental caravan arrive in the city to sell something to the Kai'mera, but what was sold is still quite unknown. As they return to Castle Artegia they are followed by Kai'mera, who nearly take Lel prisoner but are foiled by clever shape changing on Oryn's part. Fargrim and Lel play host to a party of visitors from the past, who prevent the backfire of the portal beneath Portalis and share some information from over 300 years in the past. 

Istarya, Oryn, Teadora, and Lel mysteriously awaken in the Feywild and soon discover that they travelled there with Istarya to reach an ancient jade artifact before a group of Sartean and Kai'mera soldiers sent for unknown reasons to search for it. Within the Feywild they discover the tower of the 4th Wizard, Istar'iire but find it abandoned. Inside Istarya discovers a small arcane cube that emits jade energy and they leave for the material plane. Lel, Fargirm, and Fist decide to search for the remaining Elder Eye Stones that are rumored to be within the labyrinth beneath Thunderspire Mountain.

In the shallows of the Underdark they discover a thriving market run by minotaurs in an ancient underground fortress known as Horned Hold, run by Asteron the greatest minotaur history has ever known. The party investigates the Well of the Goat and finds it a corrupted shrine to an unknown entity, in the process of purifying it they discover a Drow cult, calling itself the Cult of the Elder Elemental Eye, and behead their leader with the help of Drow still loyal to their spider goddess. Following a lead to look for the rare metal Orium, the party investigates the Mines of Bolmarhz but find it empty of all but the remnant dust of the metal.

In order to retrieve the reward for the cult leader's head, and to follow the trail of the cultists that were working with Caillus, the party travels into the depths of the Underdark to the Drow city of Erelhei-cinlu. There they meet Belgos the Magnificent and learn that the cultists are in possession of three Elder Eye Stones that they have infused with Orium, and that they have split in three directions – one group towards Tarturia, one towards Ithacarus, and one towards the League of Sarta.

Chapter 4 – The Night of Dread (Paragon, level 16-18)

The party returns to the surface, where Istarya has managed to transform the arcane cube into a jade energy powered traveling machine, and they teleport with the machine to Akkadia and rush to beat the cultists to the capital city of Tarturia. In Tarturia they discover that some groups of Kai'mera are being led by Githyanki, and that the Cultists and Kai'mera are very much not friendly towards each other, though the Kai'mera are caught off guard and unprepared by the Cult of the Elder Elemental Eye. The party disrupts the ritual in the center of Tarturia and helps the resistance fight off the Kai'mera, freeing most of the nation of Tarturia.

Chapter 5 – The Jade Set, the City of Doors, and the Abyss (Paragon, level 18-20)

The Age of Awakening

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