The Age of Awakening

Adv. 34 - Tarturia, F@!k Yeah!!!

The stone walls of the main hall in Castle Artegia glow green briefly as Istarya's Traveling Machine, a large and strange rectangular looking device looking oddly like a telephone booth (whatever they are), appears and the Eladrin steps out with an unconscious Lel suspended behind him on a Tenser's Floating Disk. The Githyanki's body appears ravaged worse than ever by the gashes of blue spellscar energy splitting his spotted-yellow skin, but he appears to be stable and being back in Artegia and under the care of Teadora only speeds his recovery.

The information that was given by the drow High Priestess Myrulnay indicates that the cultists of the Elder Elemental Eye are carrying three relics very similar to the Elder Eye Stones that were found in or around Portalis and Bulkan. The Drow documents also seem to point to the importance of Etherium and the use of these relics, and that they expect the cultist groups to be heading towards the largest cities in each region – Klizzarnus in Tarturia, New Ithaca in Ithacarus, and the metropolitan region of Pelos, Humatilia, and Eradrius in the League of Sarta.

The information given by the newly revived (shh, it's a secret!) Lady Thandysha of House Xaniquos confirms much of the information above, but in addition it provides the familiar name of the upcoming event the cultists are so eagerly expecting – the Night of Dread. (this event was also mentioned in Caillus' notes in Ashcroft) The reports from the drow loyalist spies and their notes seem to indicate that the stone eye relics can function as "keys", and the loyal drow fear the cult is attempting to open multiple massive gateways to the Elemental Chaos on the surface. This event poses an extreme threat to not only the surface world but to the deepest portions of the Underdark as well. The last of the spy information warns that the Cult of the Elder Elemental Eye attracts followers from more than simply Drow and Human populations, but also many giants and the sentient creatures of from the Elemental Plane are strongly pulled to the cult.

Lady Thandysha has also requested that if you are to come upon a drow cultist named Haelirin, with scars across most of his face, to not kill him because he is one of her spies that has not reported in several weeks, but to find some way of returning him safely to Erelhei'cinlu. She inferred that his intricate knowledge of the cult may be invaluable to stopping them once and for all, and that a large reward would be provided for completing this task.

With Fargrim's urging, and the apparent betrayal at the highest levels of the League of Sarta, Castle Artegia is a bustle with preparations for a trip to Tarturia to stop the Drow cultists. McGwyver has provided the sigil sequence for the portal in the capital ruins of Akkadia, and Istarya is standing by ready to take his Traveling Machine or Paelias can portal you through the traditional means. Slink is available to provide any alchemical items of level 16 or below at a reduced cost (ask me in a private e-mail and I'll let you know), also any magical items you wish to purchase before the adventure with your new found fortunes can probably be obtained at Asteron's market in Horned Hold, thanks to his renewed Drow merchant connections.

You have one final chance to make any preparations before heading to Akkadia and then to Tarturia, a realm that is supposedly still firmly under the occupation of the merciless Kai'mera. You must also choose how you would like to get there, whichever option has the most votes by Sunday at 2pm determines how the adventure will begin!

  • Lel, McGwyver, Fist, Fargrim, Oryn, Belgos, and Teadora teleport in Istarya's Traveling Machine and arrive in the capital ruins of Akkadia, but find themselves amongst dwarven and human refugees from Tarturia and Sarta that have fled from the Kai'mera
  • Teadora and Fargrim offer healing to the refugees and McGwyver offers some of his food, in exchange they are provided with enough horses for them to travel into Tarturia faster, Istarya stays in Akkadia to fine tune his Traveling Machine
  • McGwyver is approached by one of his sisters, Leila McGwyver, who questions him about his sister's journal that she sent him and if he ever found her. McGwyver also shows her the Warforged (Fist) as proof that their grandfather was not insane (or at least not as insane as they thought)
  • The rest of the party travels through the jungle conditions of Akkadia and reaches the bridge into Tarturia, where they notice the river has been greatly diminished – an event that Mercedes Cogwheel's journal alluded to
  • They happen upon a native Half Elf from Ithacarus that had joined the Empire of Serathis, now dressed in full Kai'mera garb, trapped in an old dwarven / tarturian bear trap and surrounded by ambush vines, Teadora resolves herself to rescue him and is reluctantly followed by the rest of the party except for Belgos who takes the safer route around the vines
  • The Kai'mera is named Shael Jholer, and he gives the party information about the state of Tarturia and of the nearest town – Farglen (McGwyver's home town)
  • The party observes a small number of Kai'mera in Farglen, then witnesses two dwarven piloted ornithopers being shot down by a Kai'mera piloted airship chasing them and the diplomatic airship, Skidbladnir – running at full speed from the kai'mera and firing all of their cannons and handheld guns back at the pursuing ship, the Skidbladnir flees to the north, while the Kai'mera ship lands shakily and is clearly damaged & breaking apart under disrepair
  • The four dwarven ornithopter pilots parachute into Farglen, but are captured as one of them is gutted on the spot by a Githyanki who was captaining the Kai'mera ship, the Githyanki then sends half of the Kai'mera in the town, including some on Lorthenx, after the Skidbladnir to the north
  • The party infiltrates the city through secret dwarven tunnels connecting the outer Tarturian obelisk defenses (that eminate etherium energy) and several locations within the city, including the blacksmiths and the central bunker
  • The party meets Adrik, the blacksmith, and gathers more information as well as sets up a plan to take down the Githyanki, Kai'mera, and deal with any enslaved arcane casters they might have
  • They jump out within the central bunker, kill the three Kai'mera within, and discover the well kept secret of the Tarturian empire, that their cities and towns are in fact protected by etherium, but that it is stored below ground and encased in a stone obelisk, within a stone bunker, and the energy is siphoned off to the obelisks around the edge of town – it is also apparent that the energy is being siphoned off for other uses as well (but for what, the party does not know!)
  • Lel exits through the blacksmith and approaches the Githyanki leader, named Dak, and begins conversing with him about their conditions and his role in the invasion of the Kai'mera – Dak reveals that the Lich Queen Vlaakith sent some githyanki to help with the invasion as a stepping stone towards a full blown invasion of the material world, and that some githyanki have been with the Kai'mera for longer than Lel and Dak have been out of the astral sea
  • The rest of the party emerges from the bunker and discovers two of the dwarven pilots in stockades, then they are discovered by the Kai'mera and a fight ensues, with Dak believing Lel to be on his side
  • In the end the Kai'mera are all cut down, Shmee eats his way through the wizard's control collar (which was tossed away and exploded in a burst of arcane energy shortly after it was tampered with), and Dak is gravely injured and disarmed, but still alive and kept in check by Lel's dimensional warding stance
  • Now the party is in Farglen, with the resident Kai'mera dispatched, a downtrodden populace of dwarves and humans in the town, a handful of ornithopters, and one beaten up airship

Rewards: 7,133 xp each

  • Helm of the Eagle
  • +4 Githyanki Silver Bastard Sword



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