The Age of Awakening

Adv. 36 - Back In Time

Lel, Teadora, Fargrim, and Fist travel back in time to old Bael Turath and explore the tower of the human wizard Acererak.

  • In the semi-ruins of Klizzarnus, the capital of Tarturia, the party receives a message from Paelias that they should return to Castle Artegia as quickly as possible
  • The party is offered the airship in Farglen, and so they leave 3 Jails and McGwyver there to repair it, while the others enter Istarya’s Traveling Machine with Istarya and his companion Cyrra in order to quickly return to Artegia
  • As they exit the machine they find themselves inside of an ancient Bael Turath wizard’s laboratory, and quickly learn that it belongs to the wizard Acererak
  • After exploring the lower portions of the tower, meeting the wizard’s servant tiefling, and taking a look at the surrounding city, they eventually discover that there are several pieces of pure Orium within the tower
  • The party heads to the upper levels and is attacked by undead guardians, traps, and quickly discover that the tower contains various libraries, studies, and laboratories for numerous evil and undead experiments including those to turn someone into a Lich (which Lel attempts to disrupt and fumbles, possibly doing more damage or good than he could have intended to on purpose)
  • The party reaches the upper level and finds the human wizard, Acererak, busy at work on some sort of large machine that is using Orium as its focus. After some quick attempts at negotiation, the wizard decides to get rid of the party and a big fight ensues between Acererak, his summoned arcane servants, and the party that results in Acererak being torn apart by the energies of his own arcane device (but he’ll be back in 1d10 days as a Lich, so it’s all good)
  • The party ransacks the rest of the tower, retrieves one piece of Orium for each of themselves, and discovers plans for some grand “Tomb of Horrors” that the wizard was planning to construct



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