The Cult of the Elder Elemental Eye

A cult of mostly fanatical worshippers of an entity known as the Elder Elemental Eye.

Known for the infamous Temple of Elemental Evil that was their home base hundreds of years ago as they terrorized the surrounding regions. The cult often hires bandits, consorts with demons and evil powers, and causes destruction wherever it can. The cult has risen multiple times throughout history, and the Temple itself has been destroyed and rebuilt at least three times.

The original Cult of Elemental Evil was a sect of worshipers devoted to the foul demon of slime and fungus, Zuggtmoy. During the first raid on the temple an aspect of the demon was slain and the cult splintered. When the temple was rebuilt the Cult of the Elder Elemental Eye emerged out of the pieces of the original cult, worshipping a long lost primordial entity of enormous power. 

The Cult of the Elder Elemental Eye is the one force that has been able to reliably draw Drow away from their culture of servitude for the Demon Queen Lolth. Amongst drow followers, the cult's goals of destroying all of existence center around the destruction of Lolth, as lore points to her webs being the underlying foundation of the planes of reality.

Recent Developments

The cult is always searching for ancient relics connected to their long lost master, and the Elder Eye Stones are an example of what they determinedly seek out. When the cleric Caillus from Pelos stumbled upon an Elder Eye Stone entombed beneath Bulkan, a seed of madness was planted in his mind that did not sprout until he encountered Drow serving the cult. Once this seed was unlocked, Caillus' mind was opened to the master of the cult and he began a long quest to draw power from the material world and channel it to his distant master.

Caillus and all of his servants were attempting to siphon energy from the Etherium around Lesandria, but were eventually stopped and killed. After Caillus' death, a powerful ritual was activated that has created red rifts in the sky. The cultists are now attempting to complete the ritual, using Orium infused Elder Eye Stones, in order to bring one or more Astral Dreadnaughts into the material world to cause destruction on a large scale. 

In Tarturia it was discovered that some of the cultists and servants, particularly those of elemental origin (earth in this case), are servnig a being referred to as Ogremoch.

It has recently become apparent that Caillus and the Cult of the Elder Elemental Eye are not serving any demon lord or primordial, but are instead (knowingly or unknowingly) dedicated to the Chained God, the god who planted a seed of evil in the heart of the Elemental Chaos that created the Abyss and all demons, an act for which he was imprisoned by all of the other gods.

The Cult of the Elder Elemental Eye

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